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Posted on this site 30th March 2007

Is The 3rd World War Going to be the same as The Great Tribulation Spoken of By Jesus?

By Jim Meletiou

[Vision Published by Dr. Minos about 1998]

Many times the thought came to me that the 3rd World War would be the same as the Great Tribulation spoken of by Jesus; but of course, I did not have any hard evidence or proof. However, the following seems to be very strong evidence that the Great Tribulation spoken of by Jesus will called by the news media and the historians.

This is a vision that a 90-year-old woman in Norway had in 1968. At that time, she foretold or prophesied that many perversions would come into the church world before the Third World War. A minister recorded her vision, but he considered that the perversions she described were so incredible, that he refused to publish it. However, after 30 years, such gross perversions had come into so many churches that the minister remembered these prophetic warnings that this elderly lady had proclaimed, and he looked through his files and found her message. Now he decided that this vision was truly a message from God, and he should publish it. This ministerís name is Dr. Emmanuel Minos (a well-known conference speaker in Norway). The name of the 90-year-old lady is not given, but the name of her hometown was given as: Valdres.

I am presenting this for your spiritual discernment according to passage where the Apostle Paul told us to judge prophecy. (1st Corinthians 14:29). Please read and discern for yourselves. Here is the message that was shown to the 90-year-lady and recorded by Dr. Minos:

I saw, just before the return of our Lord, another World War. The world appeared [in my vision] as a globeó Scandinavia, Europe and also many nations. Then I observed certain events which would happen before the terrible catastrophe. There were four special signs:

1 Prior to the world-wide conflict and the coming of the Lord, there would be a very peaceful period, as never experienced previously, between the powerful nations from the East and the West. In many countries there would be a disarmament programme resulting in their being completely unprepared for this crisis, which would happen in a most unexpected way.

2 In the churches compromise and apathy would prevail and a falling away from true, living Christianity. The Christians will not want to listen to serious prophetic ministry before the coming of Jesus. The messages of law and grace, sin and the Gospel, repentance and salvation will be ignored. There will be a substitute prosperity gospel.

The main emphasis will be on making an impression and being successful. Materialism will dominate. Churches and chapels will become empty and be sold for other purposes. Instead of the proclamation of the cross and following Jesus, renewal, holiness and preparation for His coming; there will be entertainment and cultural experiences. This will definitely increase.

3 There will be a moral collapse such as we have never known before in Norway. People will be living in immorality and adultery. There will be uncleanness before marriage and unfaithfulness between husbands and wives. Such actions will be considered normal and many excuses will be made. There will be sinful relationships between men and women. Christian families will be affected, and even allow such things to happen.

In the times before His coming, there will be an enormous increase of Television Stations and programmes with an explosion of violence which will result in an escalation of crime, such that people will not feel safe to walk on the streets. It will be similar with the Radio Stations. People will view and listen to scenes of death and destruction, evil and wickedness, which will influence society. And this will be considered entertaining and exciting!

Dr. Minos added: The dear old lady said to me. "This will really happen and you will see it . The good will be removed and the evil will be regarded as quite normal."

4 From the underdeveloped countries people will pour into Europe and they will come to Scandinavia and also to Norway. There will be such an influx that eventually [our] people will look upon these immigrants in a negative way and will treat them very badly.

Then the high point of our sins will be reached, followed by the 3rd World War and the coming of the Lord Jesus.

[Editor: In this passage, the 90-year-old writer connected the 3rd World War and the coming of the Lord Jesusóexactly as Jesus connected the Great Tribulation and his coming in the 24th chapter of Matthew, verses 29-31:

Immediately after the tribulation of those days....then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and they will see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels....and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

If the first 3 signs that this lady gave turned out to be correct, isnít that strong evidence that the 4th would probably be correct?] Continuing this ladyís message:


The actual conflict [3rd World War] will not last long. There will be no comparison with this final battle! The air will be so unclean that the people will not be able to breathe properly.

This will spread to the continents of America, Asia and Australia and especially the richer countries. Water will be considered unsafe to drink. The earth will not provide the usual harvests. Consequently only a few will survive and people will try to move to the poorer countries, but they will also be treated in a very harsh manner.

Now I am glad that I shall not experience what I have seen in the future, but when this time approaches, you must have courage to declare this vision which God has given to me. Nothing must be contrary to the Bible. The people who know the forgiveness of their sins and that Jesus is Lord and Savior will be protected and saved!

Translated from an article in a German magazine: "Christian Information Service".

Because of the many conflicts in Eastern Europe and the relaxation of border controls in the European Union, there has been in the past few years a massive influx of refugees into the richer countries of Europe. Traditionally "Christian" Europe now has 26 million Muslims.

The Good News: Since Jesus told us that his return will be immediately after The Great Tribulation. Iím looking forward to the time of Great Tribulation, because I know that our Lordís return will follow immediately after the tribulation.

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