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Posted on this site 4th May 2007

4 Excuses

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Some people say, "I donít trust the Bible because it was written by humans who are subject to making mistakes." Yet those people trust the authors of their history and science books, their doctors, their lawyers, their teachers who are also humans and subject to making mistakes. Why do they believe the ancient historians but not the writers who wrote an account of the life of Jesus?

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Some people say, "I canít believe in the existence of a God I canít see." Yet those same people believe in the existence of vitamins which they canít see, in the existence of disease germs and cancer cells which they canít see, in the existence of atoms and galaxies which they canít see!"

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Some people say, "How can I know that Jesus really existed?" But those same people believe that the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates existed despite the fact that we have only one ancient writing about Socrates. We have four major writings by ancient writers about Jesus plus numerous other writers. Is it because those people are motivated by their emotions rather than by intellectual investigation that they doubt the existence of Jesus?

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Some people say, "Why should I commit myself to a God I donít understand, a God I canít figure out with my logical mind? Iím a realist; and as a realist, Iíve got to understand God before I can commit myself to him." But these same people trust their cars to take them to work every dayóand most of them donít understand how the car works. They trust their doctorís prescription for medicine, but they donít understand how that medicine works; they trust their telephones, televisions, and computers, but they donít understand how those devices work. So, isnít their refusal to commit themselves to God based on emotions rather than intellectual investigation?

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Scientists never reject a hypothesis without testing it thoroughly, yet those same scientists reject Jesusí message without testing it for themselves. Arenít they being motivated by their emotions rather than their intellect?

ó the above taken from the writings of Tom Skinner

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