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13th August 2007

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By Dale Thompson
12th Aug 07

This is the day that The sons of God are standing on tiptoe waiting for the manifestation of The Sons of God. This is the day that we have all been inwardly looking forward to become fulfilled. Hope that is seen is no longer Hope, why doth a man continue to hope for those things that are fulfilled.? But as we all with Divine Patience wait for the fulfillment of all of The Promises, we are then growing Spiritually.

While being under The Righteous Judgments of God, we discover that we are all men of Like Passions. The test of Faith and growing in Divine Love is wrought within us as we are enabled of God to always walk in His own obedience.

The Kingdom of God seems to be nearer and nearer in the many valleys of decisions that we are all brought into as we are confronted with The Ignorance of God in many people. It is as Gods righteous Judgments are purged out within us, that we begin to learn that all things work together for good unto those who are the called according to his purposes.

The day of The Lord is NEAR in the valley of decision. Every time that we are faced with human frailty working inside of others, that is the very time that we are brought inwardly into correct decision making in order to remain pleasing in Gods Sight.

The Love of God covers a multitude of Sins. We are growing within unto the time of totally UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE LOVE. It is that Love which is shed abroad in our hearts By The Holy Ghost, Not just some sense of being a little compassionate, but rather covering That Multitude of Sins with The Divine Love of God.

It is we, The Divine SEED of the Almighty who is inwardly held in total responsibility for the sins of the world. As we know we have come through The Judgments and have been cleansed within, and we know it because we know full well that we are always brought into That overcoming power with Jesus Christ. Because of the plan of God being fulfilled in others who are associated with us, we then know that all are also granted the power of God to walk with Christ in The Light of His Word, that we might all be brought into that eventual Spiritual ONENESS. This is all done by the edification of the bodies members, and the full satisfaction in being able to see and understand that all are TRULY working out their Salvation with fear and trembling KNOWING that it is GOD that worketh IN Them both to WILL and to DO of His Good Pleasure.

We are to be filled with this great assurance. HE WHICH BEGUN A GOOD WORK WITHIN US SHALL PERFORM IT UNTIL THE DAY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OR DIVINE FULLNESS. As surely as I live saith The Lord, all Flesh shall be filled with the Glory of God. The Glory of God is everything and all that The Lord reveals Himself to be throughout all ages of eternity to come. He appears to call many sons unto His same Glory, by spiritual development, wrought by The Obedience of The Lord Jesus Christ within us.

It is all we really need to know, is that WITHIN all people there are two men, The Old man and The New man, The old man does not and cannot go anywhere with God.
The old man is corrupt according to his deceitful lusts, The New man is finally manifested within our FLESH, and in the Flesh lives with God throughout the countless ages of Eternity. Fulfilling the scripture, God was Manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto in the world and Received up into Glory. Only The Lord Jesus Christ and His Divine SEED enters into The Kingdom of God.

Corruption CANNOT inherit INCORRUPTION. The Resurrection from the dead is his own Divine seed overcoming all of the corruption inside their Body which is called ENMITY, and Living with The Lord in the very same nature forever and ever through-out all ages to come, constantly being revealed new things.

God says I make all things NEW. Being translated in Christ is to always be awakened ANEW and continue to rise in His Divine GLORY. This is the only manner that we are enabled to put on IMMORTALITY. Everything which is proven contrary to this message will be destroyed and never to rise again in that same capacity. God is able to subdue ALL things unto Himself.