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A Prayer; "the Mark"; "Patenting life"

17th April 2007

Hi Guys,

We continue to get stark reminders of the darkness of this world.
The West is not left out of this; reminding us to lay hold of the True Life that shines brighter and brighter, no matter our circumstances. May we pray for the families of those who have been killed in this terrible shootings.


Here is a link to an article on "Patenting Life".

We have brands like Nike, Adidas, Gap, Starbucks etc...
Now Corporations want to "brand" our food products so they can own and control our rice, wheat, corn from the very soil! The height of greed!

Here is a song about Monsanto (a GM [Genetically modified] Seeds Producer):
The Monsanto Song! (Real Player needed)

What are these corporations up too?!!

You may also like this video by John Pilger (a World-renowned Journalist) about "The New rulers of the World"

Our Lord sees all this and He is sore displeased. Judgement awaits the Earth.
But know this: "When Thy Judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness". Isa 26:9


On another note, some wondered why I said the 666 mark was a "subtle" one.(Last email)

Not too hard to understand.

Our Father's mark is a subtle one (Sealed in their forehead - Rev 14:1; Rev 7:3), so the Beast's mark is also a subtle one.

The "mark" is a mark on the mind.

Forehead: Complete incorporation of the Beast's thinking pattern into the mind.
Right Hand: Mental assent ("It's okay", "It's not wrong to think that") to the Beast's thinking pattern. So a "compromise".

Father's Mark: Incorporation of the Mind of Christ into those who would hold on firmly to Christ, not wavering in their thought-life/thinking pattern. These have no double-mindedness, but are fastened firmly in the Heavens. They are not living "anti" (Instead of) Christ, but derive all their sustenance from Him and know that He alone is the One that can sustain us - not our self-effort, our works, our "beliefs", our money. (1John 2:18.)

Sure there may be bar codes/implants to gain greater control of people in the last days; just as there are genetic databases, I.D. cards, mass finger-printing,  Iris scans, iIluminati  manipulations etc... But none of these are the "Mark of the Beast".

So the question is: What is the Beast's thinking pattern?

We can answer that another day, but it can be found in the Gospels and the book of Revelation.

May we understand clearly in all things, so we can prepare carefully for Christ's Coming. It is time to move away from notions that reduce the Revelation of Christ (for that is the Name of the Book) to a Hollywood Blockbuster movie.

Stay blessed,


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