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5th March 2007
(Updated 28th July 2007 -MySpace. 6th Sept 07- Deezer)

These are songs I have written.

Feel free to edit and add music. But only for non-commercial (i.e free) use. I'll upload as I get them.
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Be blessed   --Tony

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SONG LYRICS Click here **

Track 1     Bread of Heaven Written ~1991
Track 2     Depression Written ~ 1991
Track 3     He is Reigning Written 8th March 2007
Track 4     Hear oh Israel! Written 16th March 2007
Track 5     Fierce Are We   Written 26th March 2007
Track 6     We've Walked This Road Too Long  Written 26th March 2007
Track 7     Peace Within Our Borders   Written 24th March 2007
Track 8     All Barriers Are Gone   Written 26th March 2007
Track 9     There's An Unseen Eye [modified hymn]  Written 26th March 2007
Track 10   Mercy & Joy Written 25th March 2007
Track 11   Worship from yesteryears ("All the Glory must be". "Amen, Amen". "There is none Holy as the Lord". "You have promised, You will never fail". "The Great Day".)

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