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14th June 2007


Dr. Stephen Jones looks at Biblical time cycles and numbers: such 414 - cursed time (00:35mins), 434 - blessed time. He starts with the history of numbers & dates. He also talks about the Millennial Age and why a fire can't be lit during it. We learn about the Jubilee time cycles (the years of Release). He discusses the problems with Preterism and the 2nd coming of Christ. He also talks about hearing God's voice, relating his personal experience, and acting when its time, not when one hears. He delves into the issue of Sovereignty & free-will. Learn of another aspect of Sept 11th you've never heard of. Listen to the clues under the surface!

There is a lot of info in this video &
this is just the introduction!

Get the rest from and search for Secrets of Time Feb 2007.

Uploaded 7th June 07