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15th July 2007


I shared this as an email yesterday, but I had titled it A Tribute to the Passed On. I think the new heading seems more related to the poem. But the Spirit with which I got it is still a tribute to those who've gone beyond the grave.


Hi Guys,

I don't do many poems, as I am more of a song writer. But this was something that came to me as I woke from sleep an hour ago.

Our family has lost two of it's members in the past 2 months; I have also lost a dear friend in the past month who died in a RTA, leaving behind his young wife and children.

I hope the NDE's I've shared will help all know there is something brighter, bigger behind the veil.

No matter whom you may have lost.
You know the sum;
you've count the cost.

A friend, a mom, maybe an aunt.
Remember as a deer
so we do pant [Ps 42:1]

For the True, the Pure & Living Way.
Dear friends, this life
Is not our mainstay.

So raise your heads
and wipe the tears.
There's a Brighter Life - beyond our years!

Stay blessed today,


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