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Born Blind. Why?New Ageing – Part 1David Weber's Page
CommandmentsNew Ageing – Part 2Last email-list letter
Walk worthy of MeGood Samaritan –looking againRene Caisse Cancer Cure
Christmas ProtestingPurse, script & shoesAion Forever
Dead men attempting to walkOur CrossAbsolute Assurance
Discourse on MedicineLove Goes Way Beyond HellSpirituality is Sleepless
No more sea!Tornado in KensalChurch Edification part one
Suffering & TimePerspectivesLake of Fire. In or out?
Unseen Place of TormentTo all scientistsCarl's Mar/Apr 2007 letter
Worms. What are they?Love at ChristmasPlease, please, please!
If I wash you notI asked GodDoes God punish endlessly?
Wait…My ChildCorrupting InfluencesRest not day or night
Night & DayRecipe…KidsMy Beliefs
Politically correct, no spiritual respect3 AppointmentsNothing else matters
Creating manWhere are you from?The "Silent Treatment"
The Enmity – Part 1Ask your questionsResurrection Hope
The Enmity – Part 2Stopped grumbling yet?Daniel's 70 Weeks
Sons, stars, daystarProphetic WordProphecy from Kenya
Giants. Who were they?Perfect place…yea right!Two Chinese Ladies Hear...
War on the saintsThe 3rd GuardChinese Lady Translated!
The Agenda: Seeing ChristMy PeaceBuddhist Monk Raised
2nd Coming of ChristThe First ResurrectionMusic Page
Harpazo againRemembering ValentineSatan's Purpose...
And he was not – Part 1Ananias & SapphiraSong Lyrics
And he was not – Part 2When the Light comes100 Questions...
Time wounds all heels?A black cat
3rd World War
Everlasting burningsSatan fall as lightening5 Angels of the Continents
Seal in their foreheadsHouse Churches, Cell grps...Dream: Mr. Average Christian
The StadiumQuack or a very good factMiracles in Kenya
The Wall and The EaglesA Personal account
Showdown with witchcraft
A Dream I had & response
Carl Schwing's Page
Dream: Keep it or Delete it