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Dead men attempting to walk

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29th November 2006

Hi Guys,

I had been praying for someone and I sensed, ' Let that one alone. He is mine'.
Sometimes all we can do is rely on God's timing and not try to 'force' the issue. For He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Sometimes there is a rising up of the dead old man; attempting to raise its head again and destroy the joy of victory we receive. Let us not be disheartened.

Walk with me to the tomb where Our Lord was laid.
I see bodies, billions of them buried in the grave. These are the old men of the flesh now laid to rest, never more to rise again.
But what is this I see stirring in the graves? The New Man has risen and billions of new men rising too. I see the New Man speaking to these 'rising' ones - 'In this order each of you must rise. Therefore wait. I will call thee: each at his appointed time'.

But now I see the dark ones attempting to pin the dead old man unto each new man as they rise at the bidding of the King.
They appear to have an upper hand. For the new men appear darkened, subdued and distressed. Their struggles have continued; their pain seems to have increased; their fears seem to have worsened.

Brothers and sisters. These days are at an end!
The 'Earnest of the Spirit' is pushing forward for the 'Fullness of the Spirit'. Our Lord now wants more. He wants every part of us and He won't be denied!

It would seem that we are pushed down too low; we have gone way too far; we cannot even lift our heads anymore. The enemy appears victorious. With tears in our eyes we have cried unto Our King, 'Lord. Why me? Shew forth the strength of Your Power!'

Ah brethren. It is at that seemingly lowest point - that He bursts forth through the veil! Just as we near the 4th day of corruption, He shines through early on the 3rd! For He has been working. A hidden work - shielded from inquisitive eyes. Old habits and passions now leave a sour taste. We cannot do that 'thing' any more nor derive any joy from it. For the pinned dead men are being removed.

The dark ones search desperately, looking for a way out. They attack body and soul. They hurt family and friends in a bid to turn our gaze from Him. They stir the storms to make us frightened; to make us sink beneath the waves. But He is there! He catches us and draws us to Himself and onward we move with Him.

We have been crucified with Christ. We have been carrying our cross. Now we are rising up in Him as He bids us, 'Come up hither'.

I (the old man) am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I (the new man) live. Yet not I (the old man), But Christ liveth in me (lives in the new man). And the life I (the new man) now live in the flesh (sarx -body) I (the new man) now live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me (He loved us while still living as the old man - this is Grace) and gave himself for me (the old man). Gal 2:20.

Let us be patient therefore. The Husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth. And He will get it. For by the time He is finished, we all will be precious!

Stay blessed in Him,

Tony A.

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