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Posted on this site 5th June 2007(Video added 4th Aug 2007)

An important dream/vision received via email from
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June Prayer Directive 2007

By Shirley Ross


I recently had a series of visions & dreams where I was taken into Satan's office and allowed to watch the enemy's war strategies unaware. The office was one of great opulence and power. The walls were lined with thick, ancient, well-read books all titled "Great Victories -70BC through to current day. Under the bookshelf were a series of 6-foot wide drawers containing books labeled: "Lessons for Adam." Etched into gold plates were the lesson titles: JEALOUSY, ENVY, HATRED, BITTERNESS, UNFORGIVENESS, UNRIGHTEOUS GAIN, ADULTERY, PERVERSION, LITTLE WHITE LIES, BETRAYAL, PRIDE, COVETEOUSNESS, THIEVERY, LICENTIOUSNESS, GLUTTONY, GREED, SLOTH, WRATH, LUST.

A very frightened high-ranking demon (whom I somehow knew had been assigned to our ministry) knelt before Satan begging for forgiveness. Behind him stood 5 other menacing demons. I watched Satan remove one of the 6-foot wide books entitled "JEALOUSY".He glared at the demon begging at his feet and said, "You dare come before me without the victory?" "Have you not read of the effectiveness of this weapon of deception down through time? Have you not studied the great victories of times past?" He and the other demons began to viciously throw the huge books at the cowering demon who cried out "But they preferred one another greater than themselves!"

I believe I was shown a strategy for not only our ministry but for the entire church. This demon's assignment was unsuccessful because humility and love, preferring others before one self, permeated the ministry protecting it from assault.


The next time I visited Satan's office was in a dream. This time the Lord stood next to me in the room. Seated on a couch in front of a plasma wall was the bruised and battered demon staring intently at the screen, which had three D's "D D D" on it. The demon had all the 6-foot wide books spread out on the floor before him and was taking copious notes. I asked the Lord what the three D's meant. The Lord answered, "This demons assignment against my church is three fold. DECIEVE, DIVIDE, DESTROY."


I believe this strategy of the enemy has already begun to be released upon the body of Christ and our ministry. Many are feeling the same kind of things: an attack on their emotions and beliefs. This is a battle of the mind.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever is TRUE, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell (Greek word logizomai -to determine, purpose, decide -This word deals with reality. If I "logizomai" or reckon that my bank book has $25 in it, it has $25 in it. Otherwise, I am deceiving myself. This word refers to facts not suppositions) on these things.

What kind of thoughts are becoming facts to you? Are they TRUE, HONORABLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, OF GOOD REPUTE, EXCELLENT & WORTHY OF PRAISE?


In order to destroy, the enemy must divide. In order to divide he must deceive. Our greatest and first weapon in this battle is TRUTH. We must begin to pray for truth to be poured out without measure. And following on its heals - UNITY.

Are you ready to have Truth uncover all that is within you? 1 Corinthians 11:28 "But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup." When you pray for the release of unmeasured, undiluted truth to rain down upon your body, mind, will and emotions the Lord will reveal to you any misalignment of affections, motives, desires, ambitions and unwarranted fears. He wants His body in proper alignment and will not stand in line for your affections. This blazon truth of the Lord will burn away all facades, excuses and false mindsets and show you what you have been building your life upon and what fuels you the love of man, recognition, the affections of another, a husband, a wife, money, reputation, love and respect, power, position, recognition, success (by what measurement), a person, place or thing?


This is a very personal journey with the Lord alone. He told me "If you choose to follow me through this "Trial for Truth" I can tell you now, it won't be easy, it will be very difficult for you and at times extremely painful - there are many things in your mind and heart that need to be realigned with truth. But if you follow me and bend to my adjustments I will give you the grace to make it through to the other side and when you do, the fog will fade and you will see in a manner beyond anything you have ever imagined." The Truth will truly SET YOU FREE.


  1. Pray for Truth (with love) to be poured out without measure upon our hearts and minds to abolish strongholds in our lives and destroy the enemy's deception.
  2. Pray for Unity to counter the assignment of Division.
  3. Pray for Strength & Grace to make it through the trial.
  4. Pray for exposure for all things hidden.
  5. Pray that the accuser's whispering lies in our ears be stopped.
  6. Pray for the higher ground to be secured.

  1. Pray for the horn to be blown and for the army to gather and fill the conference room.
  2. Pray for Sally and her Conference team.
  3. Pray for every speaker (Chuck Pierce, Jill Austin, Lance Walnau, Pamela Carter, Steve Shultz, Scott McLeod and Patricia King.) Pray for a unified move of God to begin at this conference.
  4. Pray for an awareness of the power of media and the need to take back the airwaves to invade the minds of every believer: parents, children, professionals, advertisers, consumers, manufacturers.
  5. Pray for this Media Army to take up their posts and enter the fight.
  6. Pray complacency and a "complain but do nothing" attitude would be demolished in the minds of His people.
  7. Pray for creative and witty inventions to be released for the filling of the war chests.