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17th July 2007 (Video re-linked 4th Nov 07)


Hi Guys,

A friend I met in Bolton (near Manchester), North-west England, on this email-list sent me this video link today.

He is the unplanned speaker in the video.
He attended the Karen Wheaton Ministries Summer Ramp 2007 conference.

I told him I would share it tomorrow, but the fire that burned in that video is too great to delay.

It sent shivers down my spine!

God is Breaking Through the Youth!!!

Fire Burning. It shall not cease James. It shall not cease!


18th July 07  -- P.S. I remember a number  in that dream I had (which I said I was given but soon forgot). It was the number 8. Day, month, or year I do not know. It may also speak of " a new beginning".

Audio here:

His words:

The Ramp June 28-30. This conference changed my life. All that happened in this clip was unplanned! I didn't even know Miss Karen was gonna call us up. The Holy Spirit really did lead us to prayer for England it was so powerful!

Miss Karen is such an awesome woman of God she didn't even know me! She's really sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Praise God for that.

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