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The First Resurrection - Part 1

Raising David's Tabernacle and the First Resurrection

by David Weber

1st February 2007

Beloved, after a short dialogue with a few friends on this subject, my heart is now pricked to share a few things with all of you. May you get what you can here -- by the Spirit ...

There is no place in scripture where we are promised that we will not "see the grave," but the resurrection promise is that the Holy One(s) will not see corruption (physical decay). This was certainly the case with Jesus, as it will also be with those who have part in the first resurrection. This is mentioned in scripture as "The sure mercies of David" -- not a promise of keeping the holy ones from "the grave" ... but rather "from CORRUPTION" -- to be raised on the third day. Herod's temple (this temple made from 46 chromosomes) must be torn down, but God will rebuild it, and in a far more glorious form than we can even imagine. 
In the light of this, I have some things to share about the Tabernacle of David. The Tabernacle of David represents vessels of flesh and blood (represented by the animal skins -  tents) that will be endowed with the fullness of the Spirit, even as Jesus was BEFORE His crucifixion. This will surely be an awesome manifestation of the Kingdom of God, even as Jesus' earthy ministry was, but it is the ministry of the two witnesses ...  and is not a full blown manifestation of the New Creation Man. These witnesses are still yet mortal at this time, that is, until the full culmination of the first resurrection.
The Tabernacle of David does not represent the first resurrection, but is something that must precede the first resurrection. This tabernacle was perfectly represented in Jesus during His 3 1/2 year earthly ministry, as it will be in the last great (corporate) witness BEFORE the first resurrection (the 3 1/2 year ministry of the two witnesses).
David's Tabernacle was a temporary dwelling (made of animal skins - a tent - representing a flesh and blood body), and it in no way depicts immortality, but rather, a people who will be made incorruptible in mind and heart (even as Jesus was) but who still can die (and will -- even as Jesus did).
Certain scriptures describe the Tabernacle of David as "fallen down," and that is because for 2000 years now men have been clinging to their self-life so much that they have not been able to experience the full resurrection of their soul. If even the least bit of self-remains (self-preservation - even fear of death) the soul will not fully ascend to the Father.
But God will have a people who will soon get free from all vestiges of the self-life (even all fear of death), and He will raise again the Tabernacle of David even as it was seen in the flesh and blood body of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. This Tabernacle of David people will also will be made of flesh and blood (as was Jesus) ; still yet mortal (this is what David's tent made of animal skins represents), but though these die (and they will), the grave cannot hold these, for these are the children of the first resurrection; those to be raised (bodily) before they see physical CORRUPTION. This is the sure mercies of David; something promised to those who BECOME the Tabernacle of David, and to those who attain to the first resurrection afterward. 
This raising up of the Tabernacle of David is God's preface to the first resurrection; the glorification of the body; the full  blown manifestation of the sons of God. This glorification of the body comes THROUGH death, not by avoiding it - and only to those who love not their lives unto death.
After a first-fruit remnant is gathered to the Father in this first resurrection, they will then manifest as glorified sons to others (believers), even as Jesus manifested to His disciples after His resurrection. These sons will then encourage and strengthen other believers to walk as living sacrifices, to get free from all their self-life so that they might also inherit (attain to) the blessings of the first resurrection when they die a physical death. This brings light to the scripture, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on" ... and to the meaning of Tabernacles as "The Feast of Ingathering." There is surely to be a most amazing harvest throughout the Kingdom Age.
I hope and pray that you can get what I'm saying here by the Spirit. Many are not able to see these things just yet because of heart idols (even doctrines) which are leading them to believe the lie, "You shall not surely die."

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