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The Giants. Who were they?

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[Part 5 of Creation Series]

17th October 2006. Updated 25th December 2006

Hi guys,

We have to fast forward here to the time of the flood. We’ll look at adam & eve another time.

 I'm sure your wondering why I keep writing these things. Am I being a bore? Is it just a passing phase?

 I have no earthly credentials for writing these messages, or using the Greek and Hebrew that has been provided for us to check His Word. The Lord gives gifts as He wills. It’s not up to me; just doing what I have to do.

For those who are unsure of the word, search and see. If some things seem strange, leave it on your computer and come back another time. If you delete it, I can send it to you again. The Lord’s word will never fall to the ground.  The days will come when even emails of a religious nature will be restricted. So we must do what we can while it is yet day.

From the last message ('The Enmity) we saw the serpent was changed from cattle to a creeping (remes-reptile) thing, the lowest of the low of the land. The force using it, the angel now called Satan, was consigned to the dust and to snapping on the heel (mind) of man.

We now move to Genesis 6

The sons (ben – son(s)) of God. The word ‘ben’ is also used in Gen 5:32, 7:6, Isa 65:20 for ‘old’ as in 600 years old(ben) (that is ‘of age’), indicating its use as a quality as well. Also used for children (male and female) in Gen3:16, Exo 10:23, Exo33:6, 34:35. From its use it seems that when singular it means ‘son’, as in male offspring (animal or human); means ‘children’ when the word daughters (bane) is not present; means ‘human sons’ when the word daughters is present and/or God is not the context.

 It all depends on the context.

Here the context is God. Males are givers, females are receivers.  I think in this plural context it means the ‘giving offspring of God.’ The angels of God – the spiritual giving offspring of God. What are they giving? They are giving God praise! They are giving God glory! They are giving God themselves! There is no gender connotation here. They are not human. See Job 1:6, 2:1

Vs 1-2 : And it came to pass when men (Hebrew-adam) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair (tob – good, beautiful) ; and they took wives of all which they chose.

What’s happening here? The sons of God are meant to be giving themselves to God, but here we see them taking woman as wives and having sex with them! (Vs 4).
This was not just admiring God's physical creation. They wanted to become part of God's physical creation! Their focus had turned from 'God-wards' to 'man-wards'.

You must know that angels, good and fallen, have the ability to take on human form for brief periods (Gen 18:8, 19:3 -angels eating; Heb 13:2). This is a complete human form with every  system functioning, but unable to sustain that form. Only God has the power to sustain the human form. These fallen angels wanted to sustain their human form by having cross-bred children! They wanted the opportunity to develop physical offspring.They wanted to do what God was doing: creating humans.

You say 'Can fallen angels create. Isn't God the only creator?’

I would ask, 'How did the magicians in Moses day create snakes from sticks?'

They have a limited ability to do this for they've seen God doing it. But they needed help. A human body can't be born alive without a spirit. Every human spirit has a specific body that gets prepared for them. That dust-body covers the spirit, as God forms the baby in the womb (God does the forming -Jer 1:5). The angels couldn't sidestep this.

I believe as the angels turned away from God, they convinced some of the morning stars (human spirits) to help them out. So these spirits were covered with corrupted dust-bodies. Remember as they are covered, they forget everything (See 'Creating Man'). But here they get covered with corrupted bodies (a genetic mix of fallen angel and human) and they are born as giants with special abilities. They retain some spiritual knowledge.

This why God says 'my spirit shall not struggle with man in this concealed point or age....' Gen 6:3 (the word 'always' used here is olam - age, concealed point. It has also been translated as 'forever' -Exo 12:24, Exo21:6, but the time varies with the context, backwards or forwards).

Why does He say this? He knew about the struggles in the spirit realm in that age. So to prevent it from getting worse he restricts the age of man to 120 years.

Gen 6:4 , 'There were giants (nphilim-feller) in the earth in those days; and also after that (happened again -Num 13:33, Gen 14:5, Gen 15:20, 2Sam 5:18), when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men (gibbor -powerful, warriors) which were of old (olam -age, concealed point) men of renown'. (shem - position, appellation).

These were no ordinary people - they were powerful, warriors, famous known through the age! They were feller’s (nephilim) - whether that means fallen ones or those who fall on others, it is not clear. What is clear was they were evil and special.

Another word used for them was Rapha - invigorated ones (Gen 14:5, 15:20, Deu 2:11, Josh 12:4, 2Sam 23:13, 1Chron 14:9, 20:4). These were not just tall people. These were special people.

They are seen before and after the flood. Anak (Deu 2:11) was a Canaanite, Enim were of the Moabites. There were also those of Bashan e.g Og -King of Bashan (Deu 3:11).

So before the flood, the angels attempted to intermingle with the whole world (after the flood they limited their activities to a few tribes so they could get a chance to quietly breed properly without being destroyed). The bible says, 'The earth also was corrupt before God' (Gen 6:11) - God mentioned the animals He would destroy as well - beast, creeping things, fowls of the air (Gen 6:7).

Where animals also involved? I believe they were. The genetic line that God had made for animal and man was being corrupted, so all had to be destroyed; hence Noah’s ark and the world-wide flood.

I also believe that was another reason God told Israel to destroy certain tribes. They were not entirely of the human gene pool- they were corrupted demon/human. God hates a mixture! (Man-Animal mixture, Man-Demon mixture etc..). The only way was by genocide, as alarming as that might sound. But God is not a tyrant! [Genocide instigated by men e.g Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia, has no foundation. Despite all attempts of men to vilify other earthly tribes. Remember there is only ONE Race - the Human Race. Everyone is then split into different tribes and sub-tribes - Asian, Caucasian, African etc...]

I agree with some ministers (e.g Kent Hovind) that say these Nephilim seem very much like the stories of Greek and Roman mythology, 'Men of old'. There is some truth in those stories; it's not just a fairytale. Every land has similar stories today.

What happened to these human spirits when the flood came? They had lived in corrupted bodies, so never received their God-given human bodies. They thus became dis-embodied spirits! (Distinct from demons.) Having an urge to live in human beings at any opportunity with a lust for everything filthy! They had not had a normal human existence so they are consigned to wander till their time of judgment (Matt12:24).

But not all the fallen angels did this. It doesn't seem satan was an active participant. The bible says the angels that did this are reserved in chains of darkness against the judgment -Jude 6. Satan and some other demons are not in chains under darkness at present. Remember, Satan is still known as the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2).So not all are chained.

We end with Genesis 6:6
And it repented (nacham- sigh,console, pity) the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved (atsab -to carve) Him at His heart.

Here we see the heart of our God of Love! He knew this day would come, for He knew that humans are thinking about evil right from when they are young (Gen8:21) on account of the fall. He has more foreknowledge than an earthly father, but it still hurt Him deeply. Like a father who sees his wayward son going about; he knows how it will end, but the father is still hurt.

Can you see the tears in His eyes?

Do you see the heart of Jesus here? As Jesus looked at the crowd of people weeping for Lazarus, it hurt Him. They were not coming to Him to get life. They only thought about their physical life. Keeping the Sabbath. Earning a living. Eating their daily bread. They had forgotten Him - the Fountain of Living Waters and had hewed for themselves broken cisterns that could hold no water. (Jer 2:13)

Man left to his own, will choose the wrong way. Because he always gives his 'power of rule' (worship) to something, unknown or known to him.
May we continually look on Jesus as we go about our lives, knowing He alone can sustain us.

Stay blessed,


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