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The Good Samaritan - looking again

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12th November 2006

Hi Guys,

this will not be a deep look at doctrine .There has been a silence since 'Suffering and time' ; may we never be afraid to look again.
I will plod on however, knowing that God's time is the best one.

I want to share with you the parable of the good Samaritan, that every one is familiar with; but seeing it in a different light. For it also speaks of the journey of creation.

Luke 10:30-37

A certain man traveled  from Jerusalem to Jericho.
This is humanity from the fall of Adam and Eve.

Jerusalem: means double peace. It is located 2500 feet above sea level.
Jericho: hebrew - y' recho. Strong's concordance says it may be derived from yareach (moon) or ruach (spirit). It is located 1200 feet below sea level, north of Jerusalem, close to the dead sea.

This is mankind that left Peace (God and his) being driven by God's Spirit out of the garden, then seeking direction by looking at God's creation (the moon) but finding only death.

Fell among thieves
This is the on-going onslaught by the agents of darkness, stripping mankind of his last ounce of righteousness and dealing a near-fatal blow.

And by chance... a priest
Also traveling down that road looking for answers since our banishment, is the priest. He is finding direction as an anointed one of God.

From Seth to Moses, it had been a singular journey. As the priests of each generation walked alone with God. From the 1st-born sons since Seth to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob until Moses. They stood alone as God's chosen ones, who could only look afar off at suffering humanity, less the same would happen to them. Afraid of becoming unclean.

And likewise a Levite
The law was given by Moses (John 1:17). So we see the levitical priesthood, a symbol of the law. He comes over to look, but has no power to act. The law only gave us the knowledge of what sin was, but could not free us from it (Rom3:20, Rom 7:7, Gal 2:16, Heb 7:11). It has no strength to bind our wounds, to heal us.

But still they walked from Jerusalem to Jericho. For though they were looking for 'that city with foundations whose builder and maker is God' (Heb 11:10), they walked in the wrong direction.

But a certain Samaritan
This is Jesus.
The Samaritans were of the Northern Kingdom that lived in Samaria. When the rest of Israel was dispersed at the time of the Assyrian invasion ('The lost tribes'), some returned as a mixed bunch, serving the law of Moses and the local gods. But by Jesus' day, they were regarded as outcasts by the tribe of Judah (the jews) - as they now tried to serve the law of Moses but had no special relationship to Jerusalem. (John 4:20)
Our Lord was happy to be identified with this bunch - He came unto His own, and His own cast Him out (John 1:11).

[For the jews did not know that He had already spoken to their mountain. 'Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea'. Matt 17:20. Mount Zion was removed and cast into the 'formless mass of general humanity' that day. Israel lost their special position, so that God would have mercy on the whole world together! Rom 11:25.]

Jesus also journeyed down this road. But He is going in the other direction! The scriptures say, He was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death (Heb 2:9)... but in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin(Heb 4:15).

He knows where we're at. He sees humanity and has compassion on us. Binding up our wounds, soothing & cleaning (oil & wine) at the same time. The wine does sting, but His oil soothes it.

He sets us on His beast (for His yoke is easy -Matt11:30), removing all self-effort to return to Him.

Brought him to an inn
He comes to us, to sup with us and us with Him. By faith we receive Him and by faith He lives in us, taking care of us.(Rev3:20)

He departs on the next day -'it is needful for you that I go away'. John16:7
Giving the Host of the Inn (the Holy Spirit) 2 pence. 2 denarion. 2 day's wages. 2000 years.

Take care of him
This is the duty of the comforter: to take care, to guide, to continue to bind up our wounds.

When I come again
Here is the promise of the 2nd coming! He does not abandon us, yet He expects the Holy Spirit to complete the job -'whatsoever you spend in addition I will repay you' !
Where does Jesus go? He continues onwards to Jerusalem -to prepare a place for us! 'I go to prepare a place for you'. John 14:2. The place He prepares, is a place in Father's house, Father's many mansions. As those who have crossed over continue their training in heaven; so also we continue ours on earth supervised by the Holy Spirit!

The completion of the job is the body of glory we obtain at His coming. If it were not so He would have told us. Our body's of glory await us! Each and every one who delights in Him. This is not for everyone. But for those who would reign with Him in the millennium.

Brothers and sisters. We are now in the 3rd day since He left (2000+ years) (a day is as a 1000 years -2Pet3:8). We do not know the hour, but we know the day approaches soon.

May we continue to submit to the dealings of the Holy Spirit, as He prepares us for that day!

Stay blessed in Him.

Tony A.