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19th April 2007


Hi Guys,

Consider our Lord Jesus.

Consider His Simplicity.

Consider His Judgements.

Consider His Passions.

Consider His Weakness:
He was tired yet He is our Rest.
He was thirsty yet He is our Drink

Consider His Enduring Love:
Love never fails!

I don't understand why the glow-worm "glows".
I don't need to.
But I revel in just seeing it glow.
If I want to know why, I can become a Biologist.

I don't understand how Jesus can be the Son of God, yet the Everlasting Father (Isa 9:6).
I don't need to.
I just revel in the Salvation He has provided.

Our minds are finite.

We are not meant to know or prove everything, just keep the beautiful things.

1Thess 5:21 (Byzantine Greek New Testament)---

Pas (All) de (but) dozimazo (to approve)  ho (the) kalos (beautiful)  katecho (to hold down)

Just revel in what we know or do discover.
We have Eternity to learn it all. So it won't end!
Even the removing of the veil of flesh is not the end.

That is the purpose of Life and the Key to enjoying it.

Consider Jesus: He is so very simple!