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Posted online 24th May 2007

Incomplete, Unfulfilled, Powerless

Hi Guys,

Why does God bear so long with us?

Consider Abraham: 25 years "unanswered"

Consider Job: Wave after wave of turmoil.

Some of us have cried for healing, for restoration, for freedom, for children - for years and years.

Does our God not hear?

Ah, beloved ones: Our Father hears, but He bears the pain together with us till His Plan is perfected in us.

For those who are at the point of giving up, I'd like to share with you deep words written by Bob Sorge ( in his book Unrelenting Prayer (2005).
The book may help give you a few answers in your time of confusion. It teaches us the need for tenacity and trust.

I quote below.

Stay blessed,



"Prayer is to be incessant and unrelenting until the answer comes."

"Satan knows that when he strikes us, God takes it in the eye."

"God will use a lifestyle of day and night prayer, during the waiting season, to establish us in intimacy. These new depths of intimacy and love are absolutely essential for what's coming, so that when the Lord finally brings us through to deliverance, the temptations that come with multiplied open doors don't damage us. One of the greatest temptations, when the answer comes, is to neglect intimacy, become self-determining and independent, and lose our way in the midst of God's blessings."

"When justice comes to sickness, there is healing.
"When justice comes to poverty, there is provision.
"When justice comes to infirmity, there is wholeness.
"When justice comes to loss, there is restoration.
"When justice comes to rejection, there is acceptance.
"When justice comes to abuse, there is comfort."

"Persistence receives what intimacy alone does not."

"Why is day and night prayer at the top of God's agenda today? Because it's in the context of day and night prayer that speedy justice will be released to God's people."

"90-minute Christianity will not answer the intensity of today's battle."

"When God launches you on a unique journey in Him, the pathway can be attended by reproach. The reproach is lifted when others can readily see the final product, but in the interim while you're still in process, shame can hang on your head."

"When you're in process, you just want to hang a sign around your neck, "Under Construction." You know that others are also in a process of maturing in God, and yet when you look at their lives, they look so "together". Next to them, you feel like a train wreck."

"It is frighteningly easy to reproach God for how He chooses to work in a saint's life. We're often not aware that when we make inner heart judgments concerning how someone is walking out his or her journey in God, we in fact are reproaching God Himself. I learned this one the hard way. The Lord has personally rebuked me for the way I used to silently reproach other believers when I saw them walking through difficult circumstances. After the Lord apprehended my life and wounded me, He showed me how I had operated in a judgmental spirit. Now I tremble much more before my Lord, and guard my heart lest I should carelessly reproach Him for the manner in which He is fashioning one of His vessels."

"We live in an hour when there is a huge gap between the Gospel we preach and the level of our experience in the Kingdom. We preach a Gospel of power, of healing, of miracles, of signs and wonders, of the resurrection of Jesus Christ; but what we actually experience falls woefully short of the fullness we proclaim. The demonized come to our meetings and leave with their demons; the handicapped come in their wheelchairs and leave in their wheelchairs; they come to the meeting blind and leave blind; they come deaf and leave deaf. The lack of power in the church, at least in America, has us living under a great shroud of reproach."

"Set your sights high enough, however, and you'll probably find yourself with only one option -God."

"God does not call you to something and then change His mind."

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