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12th April 2007

Hi Guys,

We're continuing with our excerpts on the works of H.A. Baker, the Missionary to China & Tibet.

This next series is about the visions and prophecies documented in his various books.

We will now look at the Infant Paradise -Part 1. We'll look at the 3rd Paradise Plain tomorrow, God-Willing.

(This corroborates the evidence produced by the 4 year old's visit to heaven in 2003 - see video here who talked about multilated babies being reformed in heaven, children being taught & growing up etc; as well as the testimony of Jesse Duplantis "Close Encounters of the God-kind" - see video here)

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By H.A. Baker

(Part 1of 4- Excerpt from “The Three Worlds”)

Since writing the account of the visions given the Chinese children, a booklet in its sixth edition has come into our hands. It gives a partial account of most remarkable visions. The original account of these visions was published in a book that went through twenty-one editions and is described as the most remarkable account of the life beyond the grave ever seen in print.


In Infants' Paradise Nine Days

While this young woman was caught up to heaven her body lay in a death-like trance [Acts 10:9,10; Acts 22:17,18]  for nine days. This corresponds with the recent experience just recorded, where the trance lasted for three days. In the instance quoted below Miss Marietta Davis gives distinct account of visions of three different plains in the New Jerusalem, on each plain of which were Paradise conditions varying in arrangement and glory. It was revealed to Miss Davis that her special mission to heaven was to receive a revelation of the Paradise to which infants and small children go and that, having been shown the life and conditions of bliss that pertains to this Paradise of departed infants, she was to return to earth to make its wonders known to the people on earth. This wonderful description of the infants' Paradise in no way contradicts the visions already related that apply to other parts of the New Jerusalem, or perhaps to parts of the plains not seen in detail by Miss Davis. Rather do these visions in their description of heavenly scenes, conditions, and life corroborate all that has already been said.

The first paradise plain, with its birds of all plumes, its flowers of all hues, its trees of many kinds, and its angels with the multitudes of the redeemed, Miss Davis was not permitted to see in detail. This is the plain where the redeemed from earth first dwell and where they learn the first lessons of immortal life. To this plain relatives, friends, and others from the higher plain, who have gone on before, may return at will to meet and associate with those who have just arrived and may help in leading them into higher and deeper things of the eternal city and its eternal life.


The second plain with its wonderful parks and mansions was not seen in its broader aspects. The third plain was seen and described in more detail. This was the plain of the infants' Paradise.  We quote from extracts of this account as follows:

"In August, 1848, a young woman named Marietta Davis, aged 25 years, residing with her mother, Mrs. Nancy Davis, at Berlin, New York, fell into a sleep or trance, in which she remained for nine days. All endeavors on the part of her friends and of her physicians failed to arouse her from this unnatural state. When at last she awoke to a consciousness of external things, she was in the full possession of all her natural faculties with an almost supernatural acuteness of perception added. When she came out of the trance in which she had lain so many days, it was with joy and rejoicing over the unspeakable things which she had seen and heard. Her mouth was filled with praises to God, and her heart swelled with gratitude to Him for His loving kindness. She averred that while her body lay as it were in death, her spirit had visited the eternal world. She informed her friends that she was not to remain long with them; but would soon go hence to enjoy a mansion prepared for her in her heavenly Father's Kingdom. After this she lived seven months and died at a time predicted by herself; and so perfectly did she know the hour of her departure, that when it arrived she selected a hymn and commenced singing it with the family; and while they sang, her spirit took its flight so gently as not to attract their attention. Thus the hymn commenced with her on earth, was doubtless concluded with the angels in heaven."

The First Paradise Plain is now described:

"We moved silently until the scenes below perished from my vision, and my being was absorbed in the bright light descending from the orb we were approaching. Soon we entered a plain, whereon trees bearing fruit were visible. Their interwoven branches formed an arched canopy of evergreen above us. Passing through these shadowy groves, I was delighted with the melody of the birds, whose warbling notes arose in sweetest song There we paused. Supposing that I was on some terrestrial orb I inquired its name.

"My guide answered. 'These trees, these flowers, these birds, occupy the outer expanse of the spiritual Paradise. So pure are they, and so refined, that mortals with beclouded vision may not behold them. And so soft their notes that they are not made audible to the dull hearing of men. Beings, inhabiting forms more gross, do not conceive the reality of the existence of nature so refined. Absent from the body, thou canst comprehend through spiritual senses the existence and reality of spiritual habitations; but what thou dost now behold is but the outline and mere exterior of the home of spirits. These floral plains (the first plain), and warbling melodies, are but the lower order of the external habitation of the sanctified.

"Dost thou discover that these groves appear as if moved with adoration? And that these melodies which charm and invigorate thee with new life, are but notes offered to higher degrees of love?

"Here the redeemed are first conducted by their guardian protectors (angels) as they leave the valley and shadow of death, and here they are taught the rudiments of immortal life. Here they receive instructive lessons relative to their heavenly abode, and learn the nature of pure love, unmarred by sin. Here are first tuned the lyres of ceaseless praise, as they learn to utter immortal accents to the Lord, their Redeemer, and receive new born thoughts which bring to them increasing sense of the reality of their change. Here friends who have advanced in spiritual attainments (on higher plains) return from higher employment to welcome the spirit on its entrance upon this plain of the spirit world. Here kindred are permitted to meet and hold converse; and 'tis in these immortal groves where spirits first attempt in unity the song of redeeming grace, and reposing in soft and heavenly sweetness, breath the pure air of Paradise."

"While listening to this strange, though welcome address, my spirit burned to meet the friends long lost to me on earth. The angel said, 'Thou are not to tarry, since thy present mission is to learn the condition of the departed child (infants and children) of God. When thy course on earth is ended, here thou shalt mingle in the infancy of thy immortal state, with thy kindred and receive lessons preparatory to an advance to more exalted mansions.


The Second Paradise Plain

"At a distance upon a superior plain I saw a dome of light. 'That', said my guide, 'is the gateway leading to the City of Peace. There the manifestation of thy Redeemer is made visible. There saints and angels abide; on harps of gold, and stringed instruments, with immortal lyres, in alleluias, chant the song of redemption; the song of peace; the song of love undying.'

"As we drew near, a class of attendants, more glorious, gathered around the gateway, and one foremost addressed my guide in language I could not understand. Music, the music of love, was in their conversation, and joy as a halo, encompassed them as they welcomed us at the entrance of the Holy Sanctuary.

"A gate of jasper, set with diamonds, opened, and two angelic beings approached, and taking me by each hand, led my tremulous spirit towards an inner gate, a more immediate entrance to the pavilion of light.

"Upon entering the inner gate of a great dome-like amphitheater far surpassing in dimensions any on earth, the worshipping congregation arose as upon the breath of holy love, and meekly welcomed me as an heir of grace, and with tuned instruments the immortal choir chanted the spirit's welcome—

"Worthy is the Lamb who hath redeemed us. Exalt His name, all ye sanctified, yea adore Him, ye cherubim who worship in the celestial heavens. Adore Him, for He hath exalted us. We will praise His name, the name of our God Most High.

"We will bow down and worship at His feet. We will sing of His loving kindness. Waft, O ye breezes of immortal love! waft ye His name throughout the universe of worshipping beings. For lo! from the depths of iniquity and from death is exalted our sister, who from the hands of our Prince and Saviour we receive. Utter alleluias to Him forever, all ye adoring hosts. Utter ye His praise forever.'

"Each measure like noiseless waves swelled over that sea of mind; and with their gentle undulations I seemed to be moving when a spirit from the innumerable company approached and addressing me in a familiar manner called me by name.

"The spell of music being broken, I was much affected to find myself in the embrace of one who on earth I had loved with the affections of an infant soul. With willingness I sank into her arms, and she with a sister's tenderness pressed me to her immortal form, saying, 'Sister spirit, welcome, for a season, to our home of peace.'

" 'Thrice welcome', uttered the music of a thousand voices, and lo! around me gathered those I loved, all eager to greet me and receive me to their kind embrace.

"Around us and in the spacious room, appeared seats in the form of an ampitheater, yet glorious beyond description. Hereon we rested. Mingling with those here were many old and familiar friends.

"Ideas associated with their heavenly life flowed from being to being, and soon I learned that in heaven there is no concealment. Harmony of soul, harmony of desire, harmony of speech, harmony in the swelling notes of adoring anthems, harmony in instructive movement, harmony in increasing thought, harmony was their life, their love, their manifestation, and supreme delight.

"Being after being pressed to mine immortal lips, and seemed anxious to hold me in their arms. As a soul, newborn, they caressed me, after looking up in thankfulness to their Redeemer and their Lord.


Age Turned to Youth

"Then approached me one whom on earth I had seen bending tremulously over the pilgrim's staff. I knew 'twas one familiar, one of age and emaciated form, whose hoary head once told the story of a life of woe. In immortal youth the spirit stood before me; no staff was there; no trembling frame, no grief-worn cheek, no hollow eye, no sickly form; but light and health and vigor were manifest. And the spirit said, 'Behold in me the efficacy of redeeming grace. This heart was once the cage of thoughts unholy. These hands were employed in sin. These feet moved swiftly in the downward road that led to sorrow and death. This form of mine, though not this form, yet that in which I used to live, was worn with grief, corrupt, and dying with disease. But now, all hail to that name Immanuel! through Him redeemed, I wear the habiliments of light and exist in immortal youth. This song I chant, 'O, death, where is thy sting? and grave, thy victory now? Worthy is the Lamb who offered himself to redeem! Worthy—O give Him adoration, ye countless hosts, ye innumerable throng! Worship and adore Him, all intelligences! yea let universes adore. Adore Him, for He is worthy to receive anthems of universal praise!'—And while uttering this psalm, the peopled expanse uniting, lifted on high an immeasurable volume of notes divine.

"Then appeared a company of children, who hand in hand, moved around, and their infant voices chanted: 'Praise Him, for lo! while on earth He said, Suffer infants and babes to come to Me and forbid them not; yea, suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto Me.'

"The scene expanded and I saw that from the center, and around which the multitudes were congregated, arose a pyramid whose column was composed of pearls and most precious stones, set with crosses of spiritualized diamond, upon which were engraven the names of those who had suffered for their love of truth, and who not counting their lives dear had endured persecution even unto death. Upon this column stood three spirits, in the attitude of meekness and adoration holding in their hand and above them a Cross from which floated a banner ever unfurling. 'These,' said my guide, 'are select; one Patriarch, one Prophet, and one Apostle. They represent the triune circle of commissioned saints who shall attend the reappearing of the Son of Man, and shall go forth in the day appointed, gathering together the elect from the four winds, from the utter most part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven'.

"The volumes the spirits held in their hands unfold the order of creation, the redemption of man, and the principles which govern the obedient, world without end."

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(19th Nov 07 -- This site has lovely illustrations with the booklet -- Prophetic Dreams of Babies)