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25th June 2007


(The ancient peoples have a lot to tell us. For those interested in these unsolved mysteries...)

Richard C. Hoagland, a former NASA Consultant delves deep into the physics of the year 2012. Why did the Mayans predict this date as the end of the world?

The year 2012 will be marked by the near-Earth crossing of the Asteroid Eros, Superbowl XLVI, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, and the end of the Mayan Calendar. In this introduction to the 2006 Conference at the Joshua Tree Resort Center, Richard C. Hoagland explores the ramifications of what exactly the end of the Mayan Calendar entails. Is it the end of the world by Comet impact, as the Bible code suggests, or the beginning of a new period of time in human history? (Video Provider)

This is the 12min promo to the 2-hour DVD from the Joshua Tree 2012 Futurism Conference held in 2006.


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