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28th May 2007

The Lament of a Watchman; A Prophetic Word to the Church

David Weber

28th May 2007

Little is left to be seen of the virgin church that came forth from the side of the Son 2000 years ago. Rather, she looks like another now; one that has become deserted in her own land; her leaders without vision and unable to lift God's people up to the spiritual heights for which they are called. Prophets have been sent so that God's people might be fed with strong meat, but the one who runs with the truth is despised, and they hate the one who reproves them because of the hardness of their hearts. 


Lament and cry out for change, Christians, for most all of what you call "church" today is a home for demons and a haunt for every wicked and detestable thing. Backbiting and division, gossip and slander, arrogance and pride, lives lived for self! This is not the Bride of Christ.


It's time to seek the Lord and LIVE people; do not be married to Bethel or Gilgal, First Methodist this, or Second Baptist that. All of those things; all of those people in those institutions will surely go into exile for those places are destined to be reduced to absolutely nothing! Soon, our God shall sweep through those religious prison houses of men with a fire that will not be quenched. All of the religious wood, hay, and stubble will be thoroughly consumed in that day, and in many of those houses there shall not be anything left!


The religious strongholds and fortified cities built by men in the Lord's Name shall soon be brought to utter and absolute ruin. Justice shall no longer be turned into bitterness there! No longer shall righteousness be cast to the ground there! No longer shall the poor be trampled under foot there and forced to tithe to men who desire to build their stone mansions! Those who have forced God's people to give of the fruit of their labor to build the kingdoms of man will surely see their beautiful and lush vineyards brought to nothing. There will be no wine for them. No, there shall be wailing ... not wine -- when the Lord passes through their midst in holy fire and judgment.


Oh church of Laodicea, if only you could understand just what the Lord thinks of your religious feasts and assemblies. You bring to Him burnt offerings and grain offerings and fellowship offerings and you think that those are pleasing to Him. But are you willing to give Him that which He desires the most - a sacrificed life; a life of absolute and total abandonment to Him through the fellowship of Christ's sufferings?


Do away with the noise of all the religious songs for they are utterly worthless!! The Lord will not listen to the sound of the harps and guitars of man's soulish banquets any longer! Men strum on their instruments as if they were David and drink of the Babylonian wine by the bowlful but they do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph! Do they care if those who are truly pursuing holiness and self-sacrifice unto the Lord are cast from their assemblies and thrown into a pit? No they don't! But the Lord will raise those despised ones up in due season for they are called to a place of great authority. But for the others, they will be sent into exile ... where their soulish feasting and complacent lounging will end.


It's high time now, Christian, to come out from the harlot systems of man's religious institutions lest you be a partaker of the sins there and a sharer in the plagues there. The day is nigh and at hand when God shall strike the tops of the pillars of those religious houses and the thresholds will shake!  Soon after that, those systems which He abhors but has tolerated for a long season shall be brought down upon the heads of those who refused to leave them. The eyes of the Lord are surely now upon the sinful kingdoms of men and He will soon destroy those kingdoms and abolish them from the face of this earth. Something beautiful will arise from the rubble though, for God has a plan of restoration and rebuilding after He has torn down. What will be rebuilt will be far different from anything that has been seen for almost 2000 years now, though. This will be the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. This will be a corporate manifestation of an earthen tent filled with the fullness and the glory of the Son of God. This is what the Father shall use to possess the remnant of Edom and bring all of the nations of the earth to worship at His feet!


Yes, the days are coming, beloved ones, when the harvest in the earth will be so bountiful that the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter will be overtaken by the one treading grapes. New wine is going to drip from the mountains and will flow from the hills, and then the Lord will even bring back the exiled peoples to rebuild the ruined cities according to His plan and as directed by His Spirit. Then the people of the Lord will plant vineyards and drink of the new wine. Then gardens will be made and the people will eat of the fruit! Then the Church; the Lord's ECCLESIA will be planted in a good and plentiful land where He will bless them, and prosper them, and nurture them, and they will never again be uprooted from this place ... never again.

29th May 2007
Someone asked through whom that latest prophecy was given ...

I wrote that prophecy down as the Lord gave me unction to do that, and I must say that I literally trembled as I wrote it down and for about an hour afterwards. I feel the need to add here that I believe that God still has a remnant in the churches who really are men and women after His heart, but these still don't know God as well as they need to know Him, so, if I understand that prophecy correctly, some people will come out of the systems of religion (or whatever it is that they need to come out of) as God calls them out, and others will be "forced out" when judgment falls on those things that are slated for destruction. 
"Exile" can mean a forced removal from something. And I think this means that some people are going to have to be forced out of man's system of religion so that they can come deeper into God Himself. I found that prophecy encouraging, even for the exiles, as it was later stated that the Lord would bring the exiles back to "rebuild the ruined cities according to God's plan and by His Spirit." This seems to indicate that "exile" actually brought these folks into a closer and more intimate walk with God Himself.
Now, I don't have full understanding of what was said in that word, but I know without a doubt that God is preparing us for an end to most of what we know as organized Christianity, and for the beginning of what is known as "The Restoration of the Tabernacle of David." These certainly are exciting times.
Just some thoughts.