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20th July 2007


David Weber
28th June 2007

A brother wrote in, and I feel led to share with you the response to him ...

The "government" of God is really just the "Kingdom" of God to be established on the globe. The particulars of which, I agree we know little of how it is to be worked out in the nitty gritty
The Lord is strongly impressing upon me now His desire to give His elect vision for the coming government of the Kingdom age. This will be a Davidic kingdom, in that it is to be a warring kingdom by and through which all enemies of Israel (the church) shall be put under their feet (even the last enemy -- death). David's administration in the OT is the pattern for this. This administration (or order) will replace the order of Saul (the church under Pentecost) and will make way for the peaceable kingdom of Solomon (the age which follows the Kingdom age, and that which we just don't know much about at this point). I'm sure that vision for the Solomonic age will be given to the church at God's appointed time for that, for now though, the Lord is giving us (His church) some vision for the age and order which is nigh and at hand for us.
Without vision the people perish (wander around in the dark and are lost), but we (God's elect) now have the LIGHT of a New Day...