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Favourite music clips: 'The Golden City' (on HOME PAGE) ' There is a Day 'Hear All Creation'  'One church, one faith'  'May this journey'. Click on song to hear clips from album.
Also see this site for wonderful songs:   & Lovely instrumentals!

The links below are provided for the avid seeker. Not all agree on everything, but we are asked to test all things - so please '
taste and test'! (Lots of Christian authors) (Wonderful website of Stacy & Pamla Wood) (Christian fellowship site, reconciliation, music) (Prophetic Insights, Old testament History, parallels) (Discipleship, Exhortations) (Book on the history of eternal hell, word expositions) (Maturity, reconciliation)  (Church History, Reconciliation and more.) (History of Church Doctrines, Expositions) (So you don't want to go to church anymore) (Reconciliation, New Age exposition, Maturity)  (Teachings on the practical principles of sonship)  (Bible Software) (Reconciliation) (Maturity, outreach missions) (Lots of websites hosted on this one site, music)
(Deliverance ministry, audio messages)                                            (Great site with World Statistics! You'll see the global picture we are faced with here. Our God is Not a Tyrant. His judgements have Purpose!) 
(Purity, Victory from Hurt, Relationships etc...) (Daily Devotional, many topics)  (South African ministry. Maturity, Reconciliation)  (Africa's first Online Gospel Magazine!)
Read the 2007 prophecies through Pastor Tunde Bakare here  (A another host of lots of reconciliation writings) 
(She writes on an unpopular topic: The wave of secularity spreading in the Church. Plus New Age expositions)  (A new website on Reconciliation by Daniel Yordy)  (Light of His Glory Ministries)  (Music Video 'Pray' Jeni Varnadeau)   (Anti-war article written by a Retired US Army Major General after WW1. It's still very true even in our day!)
(Talk on 'The New Nuclear Dangers')

This is an audio clip (1 hour) and video stream by Dr. Helen Caldicott, a Paediatrician and the founder of 'Physicians for Social Responsibility'. Her latest book, 'Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer' (2006) is a must-read. Shocking & enlightening stuff! (Challenging the restructuring of God's pattern for society by mankind)
See Dr. Henry Makow's articles on re-engineering men here and re-engineering women here

Tony Idemudia Asakpa

 "In so far as a man can serve others in love, just so far, is he great". -- Anonymous
"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us, all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are". -- Arthur Golden