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1st May 2007 (Updated 9th June 2007)


Hi Guys,

Remember the video of the 4 ½ year old’s (Victoria Nasworthy) visit to heaven and seeing the babies (Lost a child? Don't Despair Article) ?

Well, here are quotes from the book 6 Big Big Big Angels (2005, 172 pages) written by her grandmother, Mary Jo Pennington (permission obtained from author).

Mary Jo uses Victoria’s words, captured with a voice-recorder and note-pad, without any alterations (so don’t worry about the spellings!), so the reader will be able to grasp the wonders of God given to this little girl.

Surely “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise” (Matt 21:16) (Praise – Grk: Ainos – a story).

[Ps 8:2 uses “strength” instead of “praise” - for it speaks of the boldness these little ones have in giving God glory when adults are sceptical or afraid.] 

Since we grown-ups have been dragging our feet at this time of the end, God is using the little ones to once again show us what we cannot, or sometimes refuse to, see: the pure and simple things (which many claim to be “just another one of those fairy tales”).

Below are sections from the Book. The book is packed with insight, and I recommend you read it to challenge your thinking.


9th June 07. It would appear that the soul develops structurally as the baby's body develops in the womb. It is integrally linked to the body. It will go on developing in other areas after birth. Hence the reference to babies being fixed in Heaven would refer to their soul-structure being restored (obviously not their physical bodies which they don't have!) as it was destroyed with the destruction of their bodies. This is not needed post-birth, as now, if they do die young, they would only need to "grow up" --T.

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 Excerpts from 6 BIG BIG BIG ANGELS

by Mary Jo Pennington


Then Sandi called back and said, “Mom, ask her if she saw God.”

So I asked her and Victoria nodded, “uh huh.”

When I asked her what God was doing she answered, “Writing in a book…actually two… really old phone books. I was scare when I first went in there… but I was not scare when I went on His lap.

My mind could not comprehend this. I thought nobody could see God and live.

I asked her what God looked like. Victoria said, “REALLY SHINY… BRIGHT SHINE… with a BIG RAINBOW around His head. His hair was shine white and all colors… and His robe was white and shiny.”

I asked her if God said anything to her. Victoria put her little hands up to my face and ever so gently rubbed them down my cheeks and said, “Him didn’t talk… Him say…‘Always do what I say.’ with He hands on my face.”

Then I asked her if she saw anything else.


She replied, “I played with a baby. Her was only this big!”

She held her hands very close together to indicate the baby was tiny enough to fit into her small hands.

A baby! My excitement knew no bounds. I had to know more about this baby!

Our daughter Stephanie and her husband Carl had been praying for a baby. In a prophetic word they had been promised many children.

I asked if the baby could walk or was she in a little bed.

Victoria promptly answered with a happy smile, “Yep…Her could walk and her tooked me to her room… and then lay down in her bed… and her had a really… really… pretty room.”

I asked Victoria, “Did you want to stay there?”

She answered, “Yes! Her had lots of toys! And they was real! All kinds of animals and birds in every color… and they was alive!”

I wanted to know if the baby had a name.

Victoria said, “Her name was Majolynn Mist. Thur was another baby… and her name was Alcie… Alcie Treehunter.”

Another baby! Stephanie is going to have twins!

I felt certain Victoria had seen the pre-birht babies that had been promised to Stephanie.

Jer 1:55

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you;” NKJV

That very afternoon I called our daughter’s house in Pennsylvania, and Victoria talked to Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Carl. She told them about the babies.

We held many happy telephone conversations between our family members that evening. Stephanie even tried to research what these “heavenly” names meant in the Hebrew language.

She did not have much success in that endeavor. 

……………[omitted section]……………….


During the first few days after her fall, Victoria told us about meeting eight boys and eight girls in heaven. She also told us about meeting two tiny babies. We thought they were pre-birth babies that had been promised to our daughter Stephanie in a prophesy.

That first tiny baby she met was named Majolynn Mist. We had no idea what Victoria would soon reveal about this tiny little baby.

Shortly after finding out that the door to the spirit realm was still open, Victoria was visiting with Grandpa and me again. I was sitting in my recliner and Victoria was sitting down on the floor beside me playing with her little doll babies. She was dressing and undressing her dollies.

Majolynn Mist

Victoria looked up at me and said, “Majo…You memember…you know that baby…that little baby called Majolynn Mist?”

I said, “Yes, my sweetie-girl. I remember.”

I grabbed an envelope and pen from my side table and started writing.

Victoria took a deep breath and told me about the first baby she saw in heaven.

She bravely said, “Her lived in Brooksville…and her was squeezed out of her mommy’s pooliepot before her was big enough to live. Her was like a little baby.”

In the months since this time, she has shown me dolls that look something like the babies. I have concluded that even thought she was tiny, Majolynn was perfectly formed like a full term baby, only in miniature.

I was writing as fast as I could. This revelation stunned me. I could hardly breathe.

Up to this time, we thought the little babies in the pretty room with all their tiny animals were pre-birth babies. We just thought that Victoria had met her future cousins.

Beyond that, how could my little grandbaby have learned about such a thing? Surely, she was not aware that she was describing abortion!

Now Victoria reluctantly explained about the tiny babies, where they came from and how they came to be in heaven.

Alcie Treehunter

Barely able to speak, I asked her, “What about Alcie Treehunter?”

Victoria was looking down at her little baby in her lap.

Finally she answered, “Her was squeezed out before her could live, too.”

“Her didn’t have a name…so I gived her one…Alcie Treehunter. Her gived me a big hug and I gived her one too.”

Then she explained about Alcie. “Her had a little mother, a very young mother, and her was little. Her had a huge daddy and he was very strong. His name was Bartley Bowden, (not his real name) but everybody calls him Henry. Him lived in Tampa.”

I asked, “Did you give Majolynn her name, also?”

Victoria replied quietly, “Yes, her didn’t have a name either.”

I carefully wrote down every thing she said. I had now torn open the used envelope and was writing on the inside.

My heart sank as I thought, “Well, I guess I have to give up the hope of these babies being my grand children.”

Garbage Baby

Now Victoria hung her head and said, “There was a baby there…and her telled me…not nice stories.”

She looked up at me with a pale face and a sick look around her mouth. So I told her, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

Victoria dropped her eyes to her baby again and holding her close, told me the “not nice story” of the next baby.

She said, “I will tell you…her was put in the garbage thing…And then her went on a garbage ride with all the smelly stuff.

“When her was telling me…I could smell it…it was awful.” Victoria wrinkled her nose as though she could still smell it.

“Then her got out of the garbage and flied on the big angel wings.”

We believe the “garbage thing” was a dumpster, and the “garbage ride” was a garbage truck.

Victoria was quiet for a few moments and then said, “Her was sad for a little…and then a little kangaroo came and gived her and me a ride and was jumping around so funny to make her happy.

“It was warm inside the kangaroo’s pouch and smelled so good…all the animals smelled good and they all singed. I was hot, so I had to hang my legs out… but I holded that garbage baby tight. I was holding her really tight.

“And then a sweet little deer tooked her for a ride. I was riding on a bigger deer and we ride together.”

I asked Victoria why she didn’t give a name to the garbage baby.

She answered, “I did.”

My next question was, “What did you name her?”

In a matter of fact way she replied, “Garbage Baby.”

 ……………..[omitted section]…………………..


Then I asked her a hard question, “Victoria, do the babies hold it against their mommies for giving them up?”

Victoria looked up at me, smiled sweetly and answered without hesitation, “The mommies never give up the babies. They will always love the babies… and the babies will always love the mommies.”

Again, I was speechless. This was such heavenly insight and wisdom that had been instilled in this precious little girl.

Victoria then chatted some more about the babies. “Little Victoria has blond hair, like mine.” She held out a strand of her own hair to show me.

……………..[omitted section]……………………


Victoria said, “God’s House is really BIG! HUGE! And there are babies everywhere… little tiny babies everywhere!” All over the place… babies.”

“Babies… over there… (pointing) over there… (pointing in another direction) over there… (pointing in another direction).” Then she spread her arms wide and exclaimed, “All over! Maybe SIXTY!

To a child who is not quite five years old, sixty is a lot of babies!

When Victoria was about six and one half years old, I asked her about these babies. She explained a little more clearly what she meant.

She said these tiny babies are all in a huge room and they are on long very soft tables side by side.

The babies are gently placed on these soft tables when they first arrive.

They have no clothes on yet because they are brand new.

I said, “Victoria, don’t the babies even have a little blanket under them or around them?”

Victoria explained, “It is not cold in heaven.”

She said, “These babies just got there and Jesus and the angels were still working on them to make them whole.”

She said Jesus and the angels work on the babies because they are in a bad shape when they first get there.

She turned and looked me in the eyes and said, “There’s no sickness or pain in heaven. Jesus have to fix them.”

After they are “fixed” they are placed in little tiny beds, side by side on the soft tables.

I believe the babies go to the beautiful rooms soon after they are placed in their little beds.

 ……………..[omitted section]……………………

In heaven when the story of each of the babies was imparted to her, Victoria could actually “see” what had happened to them.

Victoria saw “lots and lots” of babies in heaven. She talked with many of them and learned their stories.

She meet and played with babies that had been “squeezed our of thur Mommy’s pooliepot before they was big enough to live”.

She told her Mommy that she “saw” nurses and doctors pulling babies out of the mothers.

She was allowed to see these babies and children at the time of their death as though she was there.

This miracle of heaven is something we do not understand at all. That Victoria could see the past life of anyone God wanted her to see is a mystery. She saw so much and remained so innocent.