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Posted 15th June 2007


Carl Schwing.


In the stillness of these early hours of the Day of the Lord, as our Beloved walks with us, He would reveal to us the sacred and holy secrets hidden deep within the chambers of His heart. His presence sets us free and our spirit joins with His Spirit as we quietly and reverently partake of the Kingdom of Heaven that we were birthed into, eons ago. We came forth from the Father, we exist in the Father, and it is in the Father that we will find completeness, through our elder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This earth has been our "Patmos". And now, like our brother John, the Spirit calls us into a higher consciousness of God. You see, my beloved, our journey back into God is an inward journey into the inward secret parts and secret places of our everlasting Father. For it is in Him alone that the full reality of all things dwell. Heaven is His throne, the earth is His footstool. He is the purifying fire that burns in the house of hell. And everything else He holds in the palm of His hand.

Our Beloved Christ brought us out of the "camp" to take us beyond all the confusion and divisions of a world filled with carnal religions. He brought us out of the "old" and led us into the "new". He brought us out of the steeple-houses of death for us to walk the path leadng to the Heaven of Life. For where there is no vision the people are truly perishing. In this hour our Beloved is separating the "few" from the "few". He is separating them INTO Himself, even as he once separated them UNTO Himself. This is the ingathering of the "members in particular." The making of all things new begins with us and in us. He wants us to walk  so completely in Him that there will be just one set of footprints in the sands of eternity. He wants us to have life in Him so completely that our hearts beat as one. He would have us to dwell eternally in Him with His vast family... within the Heaven that He is. For it is there that He has prepared a place for us, that where He is there we may be also. And He is in the bosom of the Father.

We are the pioneer sons of a New Age. Like precious treasures hidden in a field of clay, a vast frontier of celestial realms lie deep within us. As such sons we are discovering new depths and new heights of truth in the realms of the Spirit. Upon the horizon of this New Age the Son of Righteousness is rising with immortality in His wings.

In the countless regions of the Spirit there are sounds and words never heard by mortals. There is music that the ears of the angels and the morning stars have never heard. There are words whispered by the "still small voice" that sustain the harmony of the Universe; words that bind the ages past and the ages to come together and places them into the fullness of the present; words so powerful that all creation is silent and still and covered in a holy awesomeness of the word that was and is and is to come.

There is music so glorious in its magnification of the Godhead, that all that dwell within the vastness of the heavens fall prostrate at the feet of the Creator of all things. Music, so overwhelming, so quickening, that everything that has breath is carried into a higher dimension of life in the Spirit and are taken deeper into the unfathomable depths of the heart of God.

There are wonderous sights to behold which far transcend any visions we may have experienced; sights that far transcend the third heaven of which Paul wrote, or John's vision of the Bride. However, the knowlege of all these things is but a glimpse of the Heaven of God... for His Heaven becomes more beautiful, more glorious, more wondrous, every passing moment.

We are walking under an open heaven... not a parting of the sky... rather, a parting of the outer man and our spirit eyes are being opened. Our Beloved is renting the veil within the temple of our hearts. We are seeing Him as He really is: The Source of all life, all light, all truth, all love, and all existence. The Spirit is calling us up to the "high mountain" (a higher realm in God) from which we can behold the Bride, the Lamb's wife. She is the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. When John looked within the gates of her fair City, he beheld another portion of the Revelation of God's many memebered Christ. Everything John described in types and symbols was in reality the magnificent magnitude, glory, and power of Him Whose name is Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. The Spirt was revealing to John the totality of the Godhead dwelling in One. And, my brother-sister-sons, we are being drawn, by the Spirit, into oneness with God.

As we look, with the eyes of our spirit, into the depths of the Creator of all things, we can see the images of His yet unborn sons. We can see the blueprints of uncreated worlds. We can see displays of unrevealed wonders. We can see the excelling glory that is prepared for us.

There is nothing more beautiful than the beauty of His presence. There is no place more heavenly than the place of His abode. There is no dwelling place lovelier than our Father's House. There is no path more golden than the Highway of Holiness. There are no jewels that compare to His precious Living Stones. He is the River of Life that flows from the Wellspring of our hearts. He is the Tree of Life that we may eat of and live forever with the Roses and Lilies in the Paradise that He is. The Kingdom of Heaven is the masterpiece of all that He is, and all that we shall be. Heaven is the quality of our life spent forever in the bosom of the all together lovely One. Heaven is being in the image and likeness of the Most High and Holy One. Heaven is the state of being filled with the characteristics and attributes of our precious Father. Heaven is the holiest dimension within the Fullness of God. Hallelujah!

We do not sleep the dark sleep of religion. Nor do we share its lifeless dreams and carnal interpretations. We do not accept its fairytale teachings, nor its doctrine induced visions, or its religious fantasies. Its teachings of Eternal Bliss and Eternal Torment, like the last flowers of summer, have grown old, withered and are passing away. A whole New Age of Truth lies before us. The gates of the Kingdom of Heaven are opening... that we might behold the habitation of the living God. This is the Heaven of the Spirit from whence we shall rule and reign and create with our beloved for the endless Ages. Ah! It is the City where we walk upon the golden rays of the Risen Son.

O, my Father, in the countless ages past, in the absence of all things, in the profound timelessness, when only You and the Word existed within Your Royal Courts, You created the Heaven of the Spirit... a holy gift to be given to each son that would come forth from the center of Your Being. The slightest glimpse of that Eternal City sparks a recollection of our former place and birth. From out of the fullness of Yourself we came forth, walking through the light of Your great glory and through the fire of Your eternal love; walking into the Heaven of the Spirit.

Truly, the heaven that God created is not some mythical place somewhere in the back of beyond. Truly, His heaven exists on both sides of the veil... it is all around us, it is in us. It was in the bosom of the Father in The Beginning. It is the birthmark upon every son. It is our Eternal Homeland. Hallelujah!

As we spend time with our Beloved, He lovingly holds us with His strong arms to reassure us of His promise: "I will never leave thee or forsake thee." Sounds of heavenly music, waves of unspeakable joy and a peace beyond comprehension pierces through the strongholds of our flesh and our spirit is lost in the beauty of the Paradise of His presence. And, wonder of wonders, it is just a foretaste of the life we had when we were all together in our Father's House.

I will end this little letter with the enlightening words of brother J. Preston Eby: "Heaven is not a place, not a planet somewhere in the vastness of infinity --- it is a sphere or a realm of spiritual, divine reality. It is a dimension of life. It is a level of God-consciousness. It is the invisible realm of the Spirit that transcends this gross material realm. It is as omnipresent as God is omnipresent. it is the dimension of spirit reality, of spiritual being, where God is all that He is. Heaven can only be discerned, contacted, seen, entered, or experienced by spirit.

"Heaven is also the realm wher God is revealed by the Spirit. Heaven is the realm where God is known by the Spirit. Heaven is the realm where God can be touched in the Spirit. Heaven is the realm in which God can be experienced in the Spirit. God is the God of the heavens, and if you will ever see Him, if you will ever know Him, if you will ever touch Him, if you will ever experience Him, it will be in the heavens of His Spirit where He dwells, in the realms of His Being.

"Heaven is not a mansion over the hilltop, nor the gratifying of the needs and desires of this vessel of clay. It is not that which will bring creature comfort. It is not a state of carnal creature enjoyment and rest. Get the idea of golden streets and gurgling streams of water out of your mind! There is no such thing materially in heaven! The celestial realm is infinitely higher. It is eminence, power, majesty, glory, righteousness, peace that passes understanding and joy unspeakable and full of glory. It is becoming the same kind of Being as the One who made the worlds and will bring activity and accomplishments far surpassing that of earth's limitation! It includes kingship and priesthood over God's eternal and infinite domain. It is dominion and power and creative influence far above that which earth can contemplate or even imagine!"

Carl R. Schwing                          July/August 2007

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