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Posted 1st May 2007


Carl Schwing.


Today is the day our Beloved has made. It is a new day filled with new plans and purposes. Filled with new hopes, new promises, and new mercies. Today, His light of truth will shine brighter and fuller to all that have eyes to see. The Spirit will take the words of the Father and speak them to all that have ears to hear. Today, the Father will walk among His creation and all things will be effected by His presence, in one way or another.

Today, great and marvellous things will happen in the Eternal Realms of glory. Within the Father’s House He will be worshipped in the beauty of holiness. He will be adored by the angels, the saints, and the saved of the earth. And, He will be highly exalted by His family of Sons. For today and every day is the Deeper Sabbath of the most High.

Today, somewhere, some son will receive new anointing, or a new word, or will be drawn closer to the place of union with God. Union with God is so much more than a beautiful expression of love sharing. It is the place in Him that we enter and leave all that which is old, and all of our self-will, behind. It is the place where we have no desire for anything, or anyone, except Him; the place where “prayer requests” no longer exist… because it is the place where we wholly trust in His perfect will for us, for all those we love, for all mankind… for all creation. It is the place where we have the full knowledge that all things are of God… and that He will make all things new. We rest in the beauty and power of that awesome knowledge.


Union with God is also seeing all things through the eyes of God. It is hearing all things with the ears of God… loving all things with the heart of God. This place of union is where everything is about him and for Him. It is a union so complete that only He remains as One in us. Hallelujah!

Today, some son, or sons, will be taken by their Beloved to the place of “lovely holy union and sacred communion” which is reserved for them in the hollow of His heart. He will embrace them… captivate them… consume them. And, they will become lost in the glory of His fullness. “Sacred communion” is more than talking with our Beloved… it is experiencing Him. Spending time in His presence is more than just spending time with Him… it is spending time in Him. Isn’t that a wonder?... Spending time in the Essence of all Life.

Today, as always, our Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Such worship is not part of the mainstream’s preplanned programs or rituals. It has nothing to do with the day of the week, nor the hour of the day, nor the location. It does not matter if we are standing, kneeling, or sitting. Nor does it matter how much time we spend, or how much we say. It is the joy of worshiping Him face to face and hand to hand and heart to heart. It is a divine bonding of our spirit with His Spirit. It is deeper knowledge of him. It is the higher calling unto the Becoming Process. It is the Pathway to the Endless Life. And, it is ours…be it on this side of the veil or on the other side.


When we enter this place of profound worship in the spirit, we have gone beyond the natural senses of seeing, touching, and feeling… into the realm of knowing that He is face to face with us… knowing that His hand is holding ours…knowing that the conversing is from His Heart to ours. Perchance, we would see His face, or touch His hand, or feel His heartbeat, it is because He who hears in secret has rewarded us openly… it is because He has anointed our closet with the oil of His presence, and has given us a flashback of a time we have long forgotten.

This is where the “gates of pearl swing wide open.” Oh! How beautiful are the gates of our Beloved’s secret place… how precious are the “living stones” that lead us to His hideaway… hidden deep within the Paradise of God… and overshadowed with the wings of the Spirit. There, our Beloved will share with us all that the Father has given to Him. There, He will share with us the power, energy, and the fullness of the Godhead. This is “union with God” at a level hitherto unknown to us. And, today, my brother-sister-sons, we have this most sacred, holy, and divine treasure in earthen vessels… vessels, being transformed from the inside, out. Vessels, being transformed from glory to glory until we are transformed into the full glory of the Lord… forevermore.


Today, the Spirit lovingly calls us to come up higher. He bids us to ascend beyond the reach of mortal men… beyond the borders of time and distance… beyond the boundaries of the Sacred Page, ascending to the place where we enter into the Liberty of the Sons of God, where we are free to soar above all our “mountains” and free to walk the lofty heights of home… free to bask in the glory light of the Anointed One. Yes, in every sense of the word He is our refuge and our strength… our eternal dwelling place.


It is in the presence of our Beloved that the wheels of mortal life all stand still. In the glorious light of His countenance all the powers of darkness fall backward into oblivion. At the sound of His voice all the religious words and ways of man sink into the abyss of nothingness. At His glance, the freeing flames of the lake of fire complete their purifying work. All that dwell in the heavens and in the heavens above the heavens are prostrate before the Infinite One. And to think we are His sons!


The Day Star has risen in the heavens of our heart. Today is the dawn of the day of rest. Take hold of the promise this day brings. Take hold of the inheritance this day offers. Take hold of the life in the Spirit which this day unfolds. Even though it is but a portion, take hold of it, treasure it… for it will increase and increase until we are filled with the fullness of God.

Today, let us celebrate our Beloved. Let us love and adore Him as we have never done before... as though today is the beginning of forever... knowing that tomorrow is but a continuation of today's on going drama of our Father's timeless and endless plan for the Ages.

Today, some will be taken to the other side of the veil... their journey back into God being finished. They will take their place with the Beloved in the Father's throne... which is the very center of His Being, from whence he rules over His vast domain. Today, once again, they will sit with their elder Brother at the Father's table and feast upon the beauty of His presence. Once again, they will shout for joy with their many brothers, as the Morning Stars sing songs of praise to the Father and His vast family of Sons.

Today, we that are left behind to continue our journey in this strange and evil land will do so with exceeding joy... knowing that we have the privilege of serving our Father, of doing His will... of being part of His plans and purposes... and the honor of bringing glory to His holy name. We will continue to bear all things, endure all things, and receive all things with gratitude, as we dwell in the safety of  our Fortress of Aloneness, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. We will lift high the cross that has been placed upon us, gladly sharing in the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ. For, we know and have assurance of His Word, that in the Fullness of Times we will serve our part in the Restitution of all Things, and in the Father's glorious plans for the endless ages.


You see, my beloved, despite all our suffering and sorrow, all of our heartache and loneliness, fears and disappointments, this is the “glad day” we used to sing about in the old order. It is the “golden daybreak” we yearned for. It is the “higher ground” we searched for. Today, we can skip with our Beloved across the hilltops… we can feed with Him among the Lilies… we can follow Him beside the still waters… we can dance with Him under a cloudless sky… we can sit with Him in holy places within our Father’s House. We can drink of the New Wine of the Spirit… we can eat of the Living Bread… we can live and move and have our existence in Him. This is our inheritance in Christ Jesus.


We belong, spirit, mind, and body, to our Beloved. Thus, even the night shines bright as the day. He lifts us up and makes us all that we can be for today. And, as the dawn stretches its fingers of sunlight across the eastern sky, it points us to the hour when God’s Christ will be fully manifest in His Body of Sons and come forth in the brilliance and magnitude of infinite glory. And, we shall appear with Him… for it will be our hour of glorification! This is the promise… this is the full inheritance… this is the life we have in out Beloved. And today, the seed of Christ that dwells within the rich soil of our heart is breaking forth. This is the “special feeling” we sense within… this is what is drawing us closer and closer to our Father… this is the anointing unto life as it is in out Beloved.


Today is a wonderful day, it is a glorious day… because our Beloved is opening the door of His heart to us that we might behold the immensity of His love for us… that we might behold the wondrous things He has prepared for us… that we might be overwhelmed by His glorious life that He is in the process of lavishing upon us.

Perhaps, today is the beginning of forever……. For us. Hallelujah!


Carl R. Schwing


                                                                                              May/June 2007

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