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6th June 2007 (Updated 7th June 07)


Hi Guys,

What prevents us from doing wrong, from sin?

I'll share 7 brief points about one's progress away from all types of sin. There is no particular order, as it is multi-faceted, except for the last point.

1. We sin in "amounts" as much as we can get away with.
e.g. Steal 1 instead of 50 when no one is looking.
       Backbite in our hearts instead of saying it to someone's face.
       Commit adultery in our minds instead of physically.

These "smaller amounts" make no difference in the eyes of God. This is the man that has not yet known (or is "smoke screened" about) any measure of God.
2. We don't sin because we are afraid of the human consequences.
e.g. Don't cook the books at work because we are afraid of the boss.
       Don't surf on the net for pornography because we could get in trouble with the government.
       Don't lie in court because we could go to jail.

This is the realm of fear because of the Law.

3. We don't sin because of the measure of the light of God. [John 1:9]
e.g. The mass murderer who protects his community/family and does "good" things for them.
       An inner voice letting us know this is going too far.
This is the yielding to our conscience to a degree. It prevents us from committing the most harm to those close to us.

4. We don't sin because we are aware of the presence of the Spiritual Beings around us.
      Whether the good feeling of angels encouraging us not to do the act OR the annoying feeling of the dark ones cheering us to yield to the act & then accusing us after it.

5. We don't sin because we are aware of the presence of God.

6. We don't sin because we are sorrowful for the pain we cause God.

     For we see/sense the tears in the eyes of the Son, the Holy Spirit & the Father; remembering the Cross and the blood that was shed.

7. We don't sin because we cannot sin.
    This is the diametric opposite of the "seared conscience". This is the place John talked about when he said, "for he that is born of God cannot sin". [1John 3:9]
    John meant what he wrote. We will not water it down and say he meant "he doesn't want to sin".

It is this "no. 7" we are seeking. For it is here that our DNA is completely altered making way for the body of glory that will be ours! It is the place of Complete Love, where our only unction is do to what pleases our Father.

Is it possible while alive?

Ah, my friends - with God, all things are possible!! For it is only through this that we will be transformed. Not by flying away, but by grinding at the mill and fighting for our full inheritance!

Remember that the Holy Spirit-infilling is only a deposit. There is so much more to come!

Therefore we will seek this place, for we know "He shall give us the desires of our heart"! [Ps 21:2]. It is here that "when we ask, believing we will receive it". [Mat21:22]

Stay blessed,

7th June - One asks, "Why do I feel so crap when I am about to sin then?"
This is the smokescreen that envelopes us at the time of temptation, making us lose our sense of who we are in Christ. Do not fear - the old man must remain dead, but we must stop giving it the strength that it does not deserve. The Lord's Love is unconditional and what He is building in us is that same Love that gets us to the "no. 7".

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