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10th August 2007


By Tisha Gill

Yellow is the color

Of my sunshine

Of the sun that warms my soul

Like a soft breeze in summer

My soul swims in the amber glow of the rays

My happiness is fulfilled

Satisfaction is mine to cherish

Sleeping on cloud nine - like a baby

Lazy days are here again

Dark clouds of sorrow are drowned out

They don't live here anymore

I kicked the drugs of loneliness and pain

In detox, I found my inner peace

On a tranquil trip, I see the colors

On a natural high, I am goin' to

Drugs?  Nope, not here

For my happiness is my elation, my drug of choice

For I can smile again, laugh again

My heart can live again

My soul can sing again

My life is mine again

I am live once again