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Posted on this site 2nd April 2007

Startling Miracles in Eldoret, Kenya, East Africa

By  Joseph Wangigi

In March of 2000, this message was written and sent to me in handwritten form from Kenya, East Africa by Joseph Wangigi. Joseph wrote:

In the first part of March, 2000, John K. Nduati, a pastor from Nairobi [the capital of Kenya], came to hold a 4-day crusade in my town, Eldoret, Kenya. There were very many miracles of healing and the word of knowledge was flowing freely. We stood in awe and amazement at what God was doing; the Holy Spirit reigned completely on the crusade ground. I have heard or read about men and women of God with gifts of word of knowledge, word of wisdom, healing, etc.; however, what we saw in Pastor Nduati was startling. What God has given him, I can describe as "a multitude of revelations," —words of knowledge and words of wisdom, plus prophecy. Following is just a little bit of what I witnessed:

On the second night [I missed the first night], there were thousands of people at the meeting. After the man of God finished his preaching, he said he wanted to start praying for people. He pointed in one direction and said, "There is a woman in the direction I am pointing whose husband is a driver. Her name is Esther; where is she? [A woman lifted her hand.] Please come to the front." When the woman came forward, this is what she was told: "All the time you have been fed with stolen money. Your husband is a thief. But starting today, your husband will not steal again."

Then the man of God started calling very many people in the meeting by their own names –first and last names– to come forward. Where the names were alike, God would specify which one he wanted. As this continued for a long time, some people started questioning in their hearts how the man of God knew people’s names. Then pointing, the man of God said, "There is a young man at the back named John. You have been asking yourself, `How does he know the names of the people?’ Where are you." The young man lifted his hand and the man of God said, "Come forward, I will also tell you about yourself."

When Pastor Nduati finished praying for the first group, all of them received their miracles. Most were so overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit that they fell down. Then the pastor stood and said, "There are forty people in this crusade who have AIDS–HIV positive. Come to the front." He counted 39 as they came; one was missing. Then the pastor stood and said, "There is a young man back there [pointing] named Philip Ruto. Your girl friend contacted you with AIDS last year, and you have refused to come forward." I tell you, when his name was called, he ran forward. Everybody in the crusade laughed and clapped. The pastor prayed, and the AIDS was gone immediately.

Then the pastor stood and said, "There are fifty women in this crusade who have no children. Come for prayers." Sixty women came forward. Then the man of God said, "Look at me. If you are here and you have no husband, you may go." A few women left. Then he continued, "If you are a second wife, you can go." One woman left. Then he continued, "If in the past you have aborted twice, you may go." As one woman left, the man of God said to her, "I could not pray for you to have a child because you aborted and threw your kids into a toilet. One of the kids could have become a preacher. You must pray and repent for one year before God considers giving you a child."

Finally, fifty women were left standing. The pastor then told all of them to move to the right side. Then he said, "If I call your name, move to the left side." To everybody’s amazement, as though the pastor had a list [he did not have one, he had never met the women], he started to have a roll call: Esther, Jane, Chepchumba,........etc. As their names were called, they moved to the left and thus they were divided into two groups. To one group, he said, "You, tomorrow start shopping for boys’ clothes. God is going to give you boys. [And to the other group:] You shop for girls’ clothes. God will give you girls." Then he pointed at one of the women and said, "With you, you will have to buy clothes for both a boy and a girl, because you are going to have twins." Then the man of God prayed for them.

When the pastor finished ministering, he asked how many people wanted to receive Jesus as their personal savior. About eight hundred people came and received Christ.

Third Day

Because news spread in town about what God was doing, there were many more people on the third night. After the man of God finished his preaching, he started ministering as he had done on the previous days. From among the thousands, very many people were called by their own names. Many AIDS cases and other problems were healed. I would like to report these three cases:

1. The man of God stood and said, "There is a woman in the direction I am pointing who has a son studying for a Master’s degree in America. You have not heard from him for one month, and you have been wondering what is wrong. Lift up your hand, because I have just received information from America." The woman lifted her hand. Then the pastor said, "There has been a problem. Your son has been sick, but from this time, which is 10 a.m. American time, your son has received instant healing." This woman happened to be our family’s friend. We also know her son whose name is Mark. What the man of God said was true. She shed many tears of joy.

2. The man of God stood and said, "There is a woman in the direction I am pointing who does not have a child. The child living with you, you bought. Who are you?" The woman refused to lift her hand. Then the man of God called her by her name and said, "I want to pray for you to have your own child. The child you are living with was sold to you by nurses at Eldoret District Hospital. You paid 12000 schillings for the child. I now want to tell you that the real parents of the kid will come for it next Tuesday at five minutes after ten in the morning." Two days ago, I met a sister who was with the relatives of the woman, and they have confirmed what Pastor Nduati said.

3. Then the man of God stood and said, "There is a man who was sent in the morning by Satan to come and test me. When he arrived, Satan told him not to be afraid, but to move forward and do his disruptions. Well, he is here now, but all his powers are gone." To everybody’s amazement, the man went forward, knelt down and the pastor prayed for him. He received Christ.

That night, when the pastor asked those who wanted to receive Christ, thousands lifted their hands.

Day 4

Things continued as on the previous day. I wish I could report to you everything, but I can only report a few cases.

During this day, several blind people received their sight. They walked home by themselves. Then several cripples walked. There was a lot of commotion as people sang and danced for joy. They clapped their hands and praised God. One woman who was lame and could now walk, took the microphone. She led the people in singing and jumping for the Lord. She could really jump high. People cheered the more.


Then the man of God started calling by name those robbers who were in the crusade. He even told when and where they stole, the name of their gang and their gang leader. Many came and received Christ.

Pastor Nduati has a licence from the police to collect illegal fire arms. Those who surrender and receive Christ in his meetings are never arrested. [When I received this handwritten letter from Joseph Wangigi, he had inclosed a picture of Pastor Nduati holding a pistol which was surrendered to him by a thug.]

Many people received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The crusade was scheduled to last four days, but people refused to let Pastor Nduati go back to Nairobi. People said they would pay his air fare if he would extend the crusade by one day. He accepted and the people became "wild." with enthusiasm. They cheered, shouted, jumped, and praised God. Again, there were more people attending the 5th day then the previous days.

The ministry that I have described continued. Many healed, many needs met. At the end of the 5th day, when people realized that Pastor Nduati was going back to Nairobi, mobs ran after him to "touch his clothes," and they were receiving healing. He had to be whisked away by his security escorts. Otherwise, the people would not have let him go.

Before I conclude, let me tell you a few more things about pastor Nduati. He is a young man, and when he wanted to get married, he told God, "Father, I want to get married. There are many girls. I don’t know what to do." Then God told him, "Get your vehicle and drive to Nyeri [a town about 100 kilometers from Nairobi]. When you reach Nyeri, go to Nyeri District Hospital. Outside the gate, you will find a woman sitting down. That is your wife." The pastor did that and outside the gate of the hospital, he saw a woman doctor sitting. He greeted her and said, "I have been told you are my wife." The woman simply replied, "Yes, there is not problem. I will be your wife." Today, she is the pastor’s wife.

As a result of Pastor Nduati’s meeting, the next Sunday the churches in Eldoret were full to capacity because of the very many people who had made commitments to following Jesus at the crusade [including my church]. Glory to God.

Pastor Nduati is having the same problem at his church in Nairobi. His church is full to overflowing, and there is not enough room for all of the people. He doesn’t know what kind of a church building to build.

From what I see, I perceive that God is doing something new in his church. Let us be ready to receive his blessings.

— End of Joseph Wangigi’s handwritten letter —

Later update: On November 17, 2000, Joseph Wangigi wrote about John Nduati’s second visit to Eldoret. Brother Wangigi wrote:

Pastor Nduati came to Eldoret for a one-day meeting on Saturday, November 11th. At this second meeting, a number of people testified to the miracles that they had received during Nduati’s first meeting in March 2000, especially those who were prayed for by Pastor Nduati to be healed of HIV-AIDS. Many testified to their healing, and some even had doctors’ certificates showing that they are now HIV negative.

During Nduati’s first meeting, he called a woman by her name and said, "You are not living with your husband because he divorced you. Your husband will come back to you." In a few days, the husband started communicating with the woman. Later he started paying school fees for their children, and later he bought her a new car.

Another woman who could not do anything because she had arthritis was prayed for during the meeting last March. She is now healed and has now gone back to work.

All of the above were from Nduati’s first meeting. Here are some of the blessings that came from the last meeting: A number of people who had HIV-AIDS were prayed for. It seems that God has given Pastor Nduati a special gift of healing AIDS.

One man was carried to the meeting because he could not walk. He was suffering from AIDS in its advanced stages. After prayers, the man rose up and walked normally, and lifted weights which he had been unable to lift for a long time. Pastor Nduati had him do some physical exercises such as push ups [or press ups].

Many other AIDS cases were healed. Some came to the meeting with crutches or walking sticks. Pastor Nduati "confiscated" the sticks, broke them, and commanded the people to walk in Jesus’ name. They did. He also took away eye glasses from those who were sporting them, and commanded them to be healed. Plus there were many other healings.

As usual with Pastor Nduati, he called people by their names. Again this time there was a man who started asking himself, "How does he know peoples’ names?" Then Pastor Nduati said, "Somebody is asking how I know people’s names. Where is David?" David too went forward for prayers. After the meeting, people followed pastor Nduati wherever he went.

One more Pastor Nduati story from 1999: During that year, Pastor Nduati had a meeting in the Netherlands where he met a young black man from Swaziland, South Africa, who had the AIDS disease. Pastor Nduati took him and healed him. The young man returned to Swaziland and told his father about what had happened to him. His father was the king of Swaziland. He sought out Pastor Nduati and invited him to conduct a crusade in his country. The king sponsored or hosted the meeting in one of the biggest gathering places in the nation, and God blessed.

Pastor Nduati’s address is: P.O. Box 6109, Nairobi, Kenya

All of the above was written by Joseph Wangigi of Eldoret, Kenya, in East Africa, and was printed/published by Jim Meletiou of Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

(BBC Report on John Nduati)

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