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25th May 2007


A music video about the homeless in our midst.

By the video provider:

"Society and many in the church have rejected these people, but Jesus shed His precious blood for all mankind including the homeless. I pray this video inspires us to reach the homeless in our cities with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ."

A word by David Weber:

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to see people in conditions like those seen in that video and do nothing about it. Now, I don't have much myself, but the Love of Christ is compelling me to do whatever I can to help people like this.
Some of us are now going to the inner cities of America as led by the Lord and we are offering to buy these little ones food, we are giving them clothing from our packs, we are helping them to find shelter and helping them get into detox programs. Now these works are good and are helpful, but what I really see as making a profound difference in the lives of these dear folks is that they are seeing that WE REALLY AND TRULY LOVE THEM! This is what is breaking the heavy yokes from off these! THIS (Christ's Love) is what is breaking the chains of bondage and addiction that have held these for so long.
Beloved, it is Christ's Love that is opening the hearts of these dear ones to hear the word of the Lord to them as we minister to them prophetically and share truths about the Kingdom of God and of their inheritance in Christ Jesus. 
Now, as you probably know, these people don't need to hear more religious preaching, they need to hear a WORD directly from the Father's heart to their heart -- and they are getting just that. This is then causing miraculous transformations to happen in hearts and lives of many. What I'm really finding amazing, is that I'm even seeing many people on the streets (even the passers-by on their way to work) touched by the anointing as they see God's Love in action as we minister to the little ones on the street. Some of these "passers-by" are even stopping to hear some of the truths of the Kingdom as they come forth by way of the Spirit.
Now, I've been tempted lately to share with you some of the wonderful testimonies from the streets, but it seems that it is not quite the time for that just yet. I do know though that it is time to share with you what I have just shared, and to ask you all to pray for us as the Lord sends us out now as urban missionaries to the lost and downtrodden in our cities.
If any of you feel led to help with a financial contribution toward this work, then just e-mail me and I can send you an address where you can send that contribution. Please know that if you contribute financially, NONE of the money will go toward salaries, or mortgages, or administrative costs, but will be used to minister directly to and provide for the poor, and to help with some of the travel costs and the cost of the youth hostels in which we stay when we are traveling (we rent bunks in dorms in youth hostels and travel by train -- we do not stay in costly hotel rooms, knowing that the money can be better used elsewhere).
Blessings to you all,
In Christ's love,