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25th August 2007


Dr. Russel Blaylock, MD., (a Neurosurgeon) in a recent radio interview with Jeff Rense slashes through the food industry chemicals with evidence from modern research on monosodium glutamate (so ubiquitous in our foods today), sodium benzoate (soft drinks) fluoride and aspartame.

Hear how the food industries are allowed to NOT label a product as having MSG if it only contains less than 98% pure MSG (rather than 100% MSG). They can just say "natural flavourings", "vegetable extracts" etc... on the label by law.

MSG & other "innocent" food additives are now known to be a major cause of neuro-disability disorders (e.g M.E), brain tumors, asthma, gross obesity in childhood, plus much more. But science is pushing the boundaries even here. See this.

Hear about fluoride and male infertility. Hear about reducing violence just by changing a child's diet. Hear about atherosclerosis & statin drugs.

Video courtesy of this brilliant website

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06 Sept 07 - BBC News | Guardian News |

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