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13th June 2007


An invigorating article from Bill & Elaine Cook's latest Gospel of the Kingdom newsletter about the absolute necessity of prayer.



From a special friend

Recently, a book, Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets, came into my hands, and it has revolutionized my prayer life. I was so into the Sovereignty of God that I thought I didn’t have to do anything; God would do it all in His time and in His way. To me, prayer was simply communication with God; wonderful and sweet, but not very effectual because God was going to do what He wanted to do anyway. Now I know how important it is that we pray. He needs our prayer. He needs vessels through which He can touch humanity: conduits of His power, love, grace, healing. He is within us; it is through us and out from us that His presence flows. We are simply the re-leaser of His life, and we do this through prayer.


With a new mind-set I determined to give myself to God as an instrument of prayer. The result has been astounding. My whole little world is shaking and powers of darkness are fleeing before the mighty Christ who is pouring forth from me as I yield my tongue to Him. Morning after morning as I wait before Him and pray in tongues, He catches me up into the flow of the Spirit where I’m on that straight radar line, praying according to His will with authority.


Here is an example from my prayer journal. One morning as I was praying in the Spirit, I began to see this man my niece is married to. Over the last several years he has decided he is a woman—he did the name change, operation, hormones—the whole bit. It wreaked havoc in their home, the two little children having to call him (her) “the parent” now instead of dad. As I prayed in tongues I saw scrambled eggs—a good picture for this hopelessly messed-up situation. Then I heard the Spirit say, “Only God can unscramble scrambled eggs.” And the mighty warrior rose up in me. We, God and I, broke down the doors of his hell. Every time I marched round the room the anointing got stronger. Scriptures were coming to me continually, one of which was “How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.” (Matt. 12:29) My God and I bound that principality of abnormality and sent legions flying out of his house. Then the Lord poured into my heart this incredible love for this man. Rivers of love.


The Lord let me know that He and I could take off just a layer of his bondage at a time or it would kill him. It seems to be a pattern in my praying for the Lord to show me pictures as the Spirit moves through me in tongues. I saw myself as the good Samaritan, dressing putrefying wounds and pour-ing in strong antiseptics. The Father told me that just as the good Samaritan assumed all the cost for the healing of the wounded man, so I was responsible for this ones full deliverance. I was to spend and be spent, not counting the cost of the tremendous warfare. He will tell me when the victory is complete. So daily I open myself up for the River of Life to flow through me, and tongues are a huge part of this. I am so convinced that praying in tongues makes a wide channel for the flow of mighty power, and this flow can go anywhere and do anything. Prayer has substance.


Another entry from my journal: a friend called. He’d been drinking again after a year of being sober. He was saying all sorts of things like he was going to kill himself; we should just give up on him, etc. The next morning as I was praying, I saw this man in his weakness and despair. As I prayed for him, the tongues got so mighty they were like torrents of power, and all the while I was seeing the replay of David and Goliath. Only I was David preparing to fight the principality that ruled this man’s life. Then as we, the Lord and I, were moving toward Goliath, it wasn’t me anymore. It was the Mighty Christ going forth to battle. He looked like me and talked like me, but I knew it wasn’t me at all! The mighty warrior Himself took on this principality, and cut off its head. We went leaping after the other Philistines, routing the enemy spirits that kept this man in bondage.


It was such a powerful anointing that when the warfare lifted all I could do was collapse in a chair. Yet, the next day when I went to pray, doubts began to whisper to my mind that I must have been imagining things—me being a David and all that! Instantly the Spirit said, “Hold up Goliath’s head! Hold up his sword, and show them to the adversaries!” And these words, “Enforce the victory of Calvary, for He has made an open show of them, triumphing over them.”


I saw a breach in this friend, so big it almost cut him in two. The Lord was saying that we, He and I, could fill up the breach. I was like Nehemiah with a sword in one hand to ward off enemies, and God-material in the other hand, filling in the breach and building up the walls around him that were all crumbled and broken. Daily, as I intercede for him I’m reminded of these words of Nehemiah, “You shall fight for your brethren…”


It is so wonderful--the mighty God who made the trillions of galaxies and upholds them all by unimaginable power has chosen to indwell us; the Treasure of treasures, but living in our earthen vessels! His plan is to flow forth through us to hurting creation. He says we are co-laborers together with Him, able ministers of His new covenant. One way He chooses to flow forth through us is through Spirit-anointed prayer. Like Dutch Sheets says, our prayers can make a difference. They can move heaven and earth!