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13th May 2007

MUSICAL WONDERS, plus an addendum.

Hi Guys,

3 things in this email.

1. "Save Australia" Music Video. 10 mins.
Claim it for your nation. Truly wonderful video.

2. "50 Shekel" sings for Christ!
The Wall Street Journal called Aviad Cohen "The New Jewish Hip-Hop Artist of His Generation". God had other plans though. Watch Aviad's story with Sid Roth. A fascinating look at Christianity and Judaism through the eyes of a converted Israeli youth.
Website: Listen to Aviad's music here

3. The Music Ministry of Joshua Mills .

Signs and Wonders accompany Joshua Mills when he ministers. An interview with Sid Roth.

Things such as literal oil from his hands (a physical depiction of the the Holy Ghost anointing).
Literal Manna from Heaven (a physical depiction of the Word of God).
Gold Dust (A physical depiction of God's Divine nature). Gold teeth (a physical depiction of our mouths speaking forth divine words).
This is a picture of water that's turned into wine!
Literal jewels (a physical depiction of God's Wisdom and Beauty).
Heavenly transportation to another country - Joshua was ministering in USA and transported to China to minister without a loss of time on return (heard first hand by me from Jeff Jansen)

Sceptical? Untrue? "Not of God"? I would answer with "God can do anything He wants". But even these physical depictions of His Glory pale in comparison to the True Heavenly Realities.

Search and make sure of the True.  The hour is at hand for many manifestations. Those which tie in with God's Word and His Fruit will stand the test.

Stay blessed,




14th May 2007

Hi Guys,

My purpose for telling you about other ministries is really to let everyone know the things that are happening outside the confines of each one's "4 walls".

There is no more time for "man", "hero", "idol" worship, or "human glory" seekers. The time for one man to be lifted as some "great one" is coming to an end. For, "all shall know me from the least to the greatest" (Jer 31:34).

Know that there is a "deadness" in the Church that is coming to an end for those who would believe and know their God is Strong and able to do all things.

We human beings are very fearful of change. We are also very quick to judge.

Remember that God can do what He wants even if we cannot see a purpose to it now. (e.g. Aaron's rod that budded, Moses staff turning into a snake etc...)

We love the comfort-zones of "our church" and "that doesn't happen in our church, so it must be of the devil".

But we must always be careful ascribing to satan what is of God, if only we have the eyes & ears to see & hear.

The Cloud of Glory is moving. Will you move with the Cloud of the Lord?

Will you re-evaluate where you are with the Lord?

So if you don't believe some of these things, just leave it on the shelf and come back to it later.

Stay blessed,


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July 2008 update - Some thought my May '08 comment was being too judgmental. I've removed it, but the warning remains for us to take heed because of current events. 

Please test all things to see if Father alone is glorified. But we MUST NOT become sign-seekers. Let us also not discount any sign/wonder if it stems from His hands. See this: | Phenomena | An Insiders Warning | Interdimensional Beings |