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10th August 2007


by Tisha Gill

A universe, young

A sound in across the vast ocean sounds

Planets, born of the dust that explodes

A new song is born


Chords of major and minor melodies sound

Like a solar wind that sears through my ears

Satellites, large and small the signatures of each key

As they twirl around their masters


Louder and louder the tune rings

In my ears, I can hear the colors of the universe

My heart trembles with great awe

As I become entranced by the sweetness of its cosmic echo


The universe is now complete

The symphony ends with a silent whisper

My soul flows with the finale of the birth

Of the cosmos that is so grand


The birth of the universe - I continue to hear its music

Of galaxies far and wide

Long live the music

Of these spheres I hold dear in my heart