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By Chip Brogden

1st May 2007
I read a quote the other day which goes something like this:
"Whenever God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel next door."

That truth is demonstrated throughout the history of the Church.
Jesus said, "I will build My Ekklesia, and the gates of hell will not
prevail against it." So what does the devil try to do in the
meantime? First, he tries to destroy the Testimony of Jesus. He
comes against this Ekklesia that Jesus is building and he wants to
steal, and kill, and destroy it. And he will have some success, but
there is always a Remnant who will be faithful to the Testimony of
Jesus and to the Ekklesia that Jesus is building.

So when the devil cannot kill it, he tries to spoil it. How? By
setting up another system, making it religious, filling it up with
false teaching, setting it up as a counterfeit, a distraction from
the real thing, but convincing everyone that it really is from God.
Now if you don't believe that has happened today then you really need
to wake up. Take a look at the last 2,000 years and see what has

When you look at the state of the Church today, are you sad? Do you
grieve? Do you cry out to God over it? Does it make you angry?
Does it make you sick to your stomach? If it doesn't then I would
suggest that something is seriously wrong with your understanding of
things. Because when you read Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the Book of
Revelation you get the perspective of Jesus on all these churches,
and you see that for the most part, He is not happy. He is not
pleased at all. He is grieved and sickened by the state of things,
overall. Yes there are some praiseworthy things, and whenever
possible, He encourages them to keep doing the right things. But by
and large the direction of the whole thing is downward.

The Church that Jesus is building doesn't need to be saved, and the
church man is building isn't worth saving...

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I am your brother,

Chip Brogden


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