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[Part 1 of Creation Series]

11th October 2006

Hi Guys,

this is just a follow up to thoughts on creating, as many questions were raised.

Remember that everything written in the scriptures is for our benefit. God does things because He is good, He is kind, He is loving. If issues are not mentioned in scripture, principles can still be derived from it, because it is The Framework.

Gen 1 verse 1
When looking at the creation story, think about a potter about to start his work. He starts with a lump of clay. It is the starting point.

In the case of Our Lord, HE brings forth this 'lump' out of Himself and then begins to shape it into  a heaven and an earth.

Genesis Chapter 1 tells us how He shaped this lump.

The lump He chooses to start with is one completely submerged in water and darkness (both heaven and earth).

We cry out, 'But God is light (1 John 1:5),why would He work in darkness?'. He doesn't work IN darkness, He USES darkness. Think of a Great Big Being of Light holding a dark lump. Can you see it? It is even more than we can imagine! He was setting forth a principle that light would always overcome darkness.

Okay, let's move on.

Verse 2
Remember His starting point is with darkness and water. It says the earth had no form. Verse 9 tells us why it had no form - it was completely covered in water, water has no form!
It then says the earth was empty (hebrew - bohu). Of course it was! He hasn't made anything on it yet.

Remember there is a flow of thought in the original scripture. English verses and chapters of the bible started within the last 1000 years by ?Stephen Langton in 1205. Those who say 1:1 and 1:2 are separated by a long gap are mistaken. But we digress.

Before He started arranging the order from the lump (The new testament calls this the foundation of the world. - katabole kosmos. This includes heaven & earth), He conceived everything that was to happen everywhere and put in place the solutions. That kind of blows our finite minds!

Job says he hangs the earth upon nothing (Job 26:7). Nothing that we can see! All we see is space. In hangs because He tells it to.

Verse 2 goes on to make a strange statement: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Doesn't God fill everywhere? Why then should He move upon something He already has in His hands? Because He was not just observing, He was participating! He was showing us what action is. It is moving and speaking.

Verse 3
Then He speaks Light into existence. God is not natural light or darkness. This light He spoke is ALL LIGHT. (The physical lights we see-sun, moon, stars- were created on Day 4. That is when we get the electromagnetic spectrum).

We need to mention a little science briefly. Skip if you wish.

Did you know that natural darkness is just the absence of visible light, there's still  ultraviolet and infrared light? Did you know that the White Light colour you see is just a combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet parts of light? And the Dark colour, is their absence?

The current structure of light waves scientists know about are (from shortest to longest):

(Wavelengths have lower energy (f) as they get longer)

1. Ultraviolet : 400-100 nanometres (10-9 of a metre) (Highest energy)
2.Visible light : 770-380 nanometres (Different colours -Violet the shortest, Red the longest)
3. Infrared: 1 million-770 nanometres (Heat is a form of this).

Figure 1.


And this is just the optical portion of electromagnetic wave spectrum, not to talk of radiowaves etc..

If we include this portion (from the shortest to longest):

1. Gamma rays
2. X-rays
3. Ultraviolet
3. Visible Light - i.e visible to man.
4. Infrared
6. Radiowaves - which are 1metre long.

The shorter the wavelength, the more energy it has, so the more harmful it is. That's why radiowaves don't harm like x-rays do.

And yet even within this, God has set His order.
Ultraviolet light is made up of A (also called near UV or 'black' light, flourescent) , B and C. A is least harmful - the longer wave. But B is more destructive, but it is blocked by C reacting with oxygen to create ozone! UVC purifies air and water.

Figure 2

Electromagnetic Spectrum
This chart shows the electromagnetic spectrum and lists some of the sources of various types of energy at different wavelengths.
From :


And yet all this radiation from the sun was made on the 4th day. What, if I  may ask, was the Light that was made on the 1st day?

You must remember that even the 'darkness over the deep' was not natural darkness (i.e. without sun) as we understand it. Something had been cut out of Him who is The Light - when that happened it only follows that darkness will be the result, because it is now un-connected to The Great Light of God. The hebrew used for darkness here is chosek, it is not used for night (Layil - 'a twist' i.e a turning away) as seen in Gen 1:14. Chosek means misery.

A world cut out of God is misery till He proclaims light on it! Amen.

What then is this Light? The hebrew is 'or'. It means illumination.

He proclaimed spiritual and physical illumination upon His creation. He then separates the illumination from the misery (Verse 4), so that there will be a clear distinction. No one would get confused  - there is no relativism here!! You would henceforth know what real light and real darkness mean.

When He spoke the illumination into being, I believe He spoke all things related to the spiritual light spectra into being as well: spirits (ours and angels)and whatever else exists in there! These are the morning stars and the sons of God that were joyful when He fastened the foundations of the earth.

Job 38:6-7 (Modern King James) On what are its bases sunk (talking about fastening the earth's foundations), or who cast its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

These beings were there by the end of the 1st day and were filled with joy as He continued His work from the 2nd to the 6th day.

So the light was a spiritual and physical light. It also included all the wisdom that His creation would need as well to live in it - instinct, intuition, innate skill etc...It was illumination in all things.

Verse 5
We are nearing the end of our considerations.
God then defines the physical light as day (yom - hot,the warm hours) , and He defines the physical darkness as night (layil - a twist).

But then He says evening(ereb -dusk) and morning(boqer -dawn), 1st Yom. But there is no sun yet, so how can there be a dusk and a dawn without a sunset and a sunrise?

Wonder of wonders. He twists the earth away to create the dusk and twists it back again to create the dawn!
But notice, He defines the entire period dusk and dawn, as warm, as day(Yom). No longer misery to define what creation is, but Warm - His warmth radiating in the day and the night. Amen!

Verse 14-16 The 4th day
We quickly mention the creation of the sun etc...
'Lights' - Hebrew - Maor,Morah. Luminous bodies. The sun is told to rule over the Day - Yom, warm hours; the moon is told to rule over the night -layil, twist.

They are to rule over, govern both the Day and the twist. By so governing the day and the twist, they create a 2nd barrier on the physical level to separate the illumination ('or') and the misery (chosek).

Why do you think we are less miserable in the summer? Where do you think Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) comes from? It is from this very principle.
God is the 1st and principle separator of light from darkness, the luminary bodies are the 2nd. They were set to give illumination (verse 17) to the earth only.

I haven't gone into the other days, but this is kind of all that has been shown to me for now.
How does all this relate to us personally?

When He chooses you as a new creation in Christ Jesus, He starts to work in your night (your time of misery, of darkness, of despair). You have no perception of Him, no desire for Him, no inclination to Him.
Your world is empty, it is dark. You are submerged under the water  - that formless mass, drowning and left for dead.
But the Spirit of God is moving!! He has always been. He has not left you on your own.
He declares: LET THERE BE LIGHT. RECEIVE ILLUMINATION MY CHILD. And a glorious effulgence fills your spirit, setting you free!!

Stay blessed in Him,

Tony A.

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