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Posted 23rd July 2007


The Spirit & The Bride say, "Come!!!"

David Weber
20th July 2007

A brother wrote in, in response to the latest e-mail ...
Don't forget about the importance of fellowship with other Christians for encouragement and
edification as well as for accountability. Christ's church is His bride and the body needs to be whole.

Your Brother in Christ,
(my comments)
Hi J.,
Unfortunately, much of what is considered today to be "Christian fellowship," is little more than Vashti's banquet (soulish), and is not at all what the Father is really looking for (worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH - see the attached files) ...
In regard to my personal times of fellowship, though I and many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ no longer sit our butts in particular pews on Sunday morning, we do fellowship with one another IN CHRIST each and every day! Personally, I meet with Christians in homes, on street corners, in coffee shops, in restaurants, in homeless shelters, on the Internet, on the telephone, in parks, in alley-ways, in subway stations, on trains, on planes, on buses, you name it, man ... the list goes on and on!
The important thing, J., is that when we gather together, we gather together IN THE SPIRIT. Where two or three are gathered together (in the Spirit) in His name (Christ's nature and character where there is unity, liberty, and love), there HE IS in the midst of the meeting! 
In regard to what you said about the Body, the Church, and the Bride of Christ, you need to understand that those three are not all the same thing, John. 
Let's put it this way...

Even as God put Adam to sleep and then extracted a remnant from his side to form for Adam a bride, so also is the Body of Christ being put to sleep in this day so that God might extract a remnant from it, something that will be fashioned into a Bride for the Son.

J., Jesus laid out many (conditional) promises for the saints in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 (as He did throughout all the blessed Book). You'll have to look for yourself to see just what those promises are, the condition to receive those promises is simply stated as this, though ... "To him who overcomes." This condition, John, implies that there will be some (Christians) who will "overcome" (the world, the flesh, and the devil) over the course of the church age, and there will be some (Christians) who just won't. There is a great (spiritual) separation taking place in "the Body" even now, brother, something for which God has a great purpose.

Paul understood this separation, and that is why he exhorted us to work out our salvation with much fear and trembling. Paul understood that there is a spirit salvation which is a free gift to all, but he also understood that there is a prize to be won ("attained to") in the overcoming, and this will only be known by a remnant. This is why Paul said, "That I may know Him in the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if by any means I might ATTAIN to the resurrection (Gk- exanastasis) out from the dead."

Paul was hoping to attain to the first resurrection, brother. That resurrection is promised to a "blessed and holy" company that "overcomes." That company WILL BE the Bride without spot, wrinkle, or blemish, J.. This is NOT the spotted, wrinkled and blemished thing that calls itself the Lord's bride today and is sitting around waiting to get "raptured." That THING is not the Bride, brother. It's an imposter; a harlot, and God is calling His elect out of that thing so that they might be made perfect (mature) in Him.
There is a word (a trumpet) being sounded in the spirit today for God's people to "Come out of her My people." That is a call to come out of the harlot of religion to come out to meet with the Bridegroom Himself. Some Christians are now HEEDING that call, John, but most of Christendom is still asleep in their religiosity. This is all still part of God's divine plan, though. God desires to wake up only a remnant at this time, that which He will form into a Bride for His Son. This remnant is made up of those who follow the Lamb wherever HE goes, brother, and are even likened unto chaste "virgins," as their hearts are only for Christ, and because of that ... they refuse to get in bed with the harlot.
Much of the "body" has not ears to hear the Spirit yet, J.. But those who are chosen to be part of the Lord's Bride do HEAR HIM and bear witness to what the Spirit has to say to the churches today. The Bride is a witness to the things of the Lord, brother, even TO the Body of Christ as a whole.
The Spirit and the Bride say, "COME!", brother J. Let all who have ears to hear then  "Come" ... so that they might drink of the Water of Life (Christ).
May God grant you understanding of these things, dear friend.
In His love,

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