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2nd August 2007

The Persecution of Patricia King

Hi Guys,

Just had to pass this on when I watched it today.

There is much pressure on this beloved sister, Patricia King ( This video makes me quite sad and angry about the state of the Church. But God still loves all unconditionally, so I am comforted by this fact.

She has too "defend" her position because of rumours being circulated by Christians.

This Gestapo-style hounding is not unusual; for it is the history of the Church. But it hurts to see it being played out again and again.

Oh, the seed of carnal darkness that is planted in the hearts of some who do not understand something, so lash out in an evil manner!

Christians persecuting Christians. This is the worst form of persecution. This is unfortunately the heart of denominationalism. Just look at Church history. The extreme form is Christians physically killing Christians.

This attitude is not that of Christ. We wonder why many are repulsed towards Christianity, claiming that the hypocrisy of Christians forces them into unbelief (that, however, does not exclude them from their own heart attitude towards God). Any group (whatever name you may go by) can fall prey to this attitude and many already have. We must personally ensure our gathering together is not "In-place-of" (Anti-) Christ.

Audio file (25mins, 11MB):

Video file (118MB):

I have elaborated on the word "eternal" before, so I won't comment here again. Belief in either UR, ET,or AA (Universal Reconciliation, Eternal Torment, Absolute Annihilation)  does not make one heretical.  All 3 have many variations within each of them. All 3 are so diametrically opposed to each other, yet the last two are very comfortable views with the majority of modern Christendom. The reverse was the case with early Christianity.

How do we know the spirit of error? 1 John 4:1-6. It is the spirit of anti-Christ (verse 3). These are they that deny our Lord was ever an actual physical person. Yet it is even deeper than this. For it also speaks of resistance to the Lordship of Christ Jesus in our lives (Anti-- Instead of, in place of), having our own way. So if a teaching leads to that sort of resistance, know it is in error.

Matt 15:15-18 shows us the pattern of how to solve a disagreement between a fellow Christian and yourself . The key word is "yourself". It is a personal disagreement. A sin against thee". Not doctrinal differences. "Tell his fault" is the greek word " Elegcho" (see more on that below). And boy oh boy, you'd better be sure you're the one who is right, and not your brother, before you confront him!!! (Matt 7:3)

What did they call the way of Christ in the days of Paul? Read Acts 24:14. "Heresy" is actually the Greek word (Hairesis – Strong's no.139.) It was trans-literated directly into English letters. In English it means "A choice. A party". Abstractly it means "sect". (Same word as "sect" in Acts 5:17, Acts 15:5, Acts 24:5, Acts 26:5, Acts 28:22. "Heresies" in 1 Cor 11:19, Gal 5:20, 2 Pet 2:1)

These persecuting ones have forgotten James 4:11, 1John 4:20. Would that people realise that the unity of the Spirit comes before the unity of the Faith.(Eph 4:13)

It is them "that sin" that are to be "rebuked" before all. 1 Tim 5:20. Yet even this "rebuke" really means admonish (Greek: Elegcho. same as Rev 3:19, Titus 2:15. Look up no. 1651 in Strong's concordance.) [The "rebuke" in Jude 1:9 is Epitimao :forbid].

Christ is our foundation. May we build on no other! Jesus Christ must become our doctrine. He must become our Life. He must become our teaching. He is our Absolute! Everything else will be crushed to dust.

It is this "heresy" that is damnable (Apoleia - leading to loss, ruin) : "Denying the Lord that bought you" -- 2 Pet 2:1. These are they who reject the way of the Cross of Jesus Christ as the Pathway to Life! That is the spirit of the Anti-Christ -- the "Against-Christ" company.

May we Christians get rid of our carnality and lay hold of Jesus Christ in Truth and in Spirit!

Blessings to you today,


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