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22nd December 2006

Hi Guys,

How do we see God? What is our perspective?

You see, some would think of Him as 'Tormentor', others as 'Father Christmas'. Still others as, 'Quite a weak fellow'.

Just consider this:
Some men may see their wives as their 'mother', rather than 'partner-lover'.
Some women may see their husbands as their 'father'.
Some children may see their parents as their 'colleagues'.

What's wrong with all these relationships?
They've all lost perspective.

For the moment we think our sister is our 'mother', or our brother is our 'father', we are losing the relation-perspective.
Because viewing others in a role they are not meant to be viewed in, puts great strain on themselves and on the one doing the viewing.
This leads to: unfulfilled expectations, dashed hopes, anger at being let-down, breakdowns and breakups.

What is our view of God?

If we view Him as 'Tormentor', we have a fair idea what He will do to our enemies!
If we view Him as 'Weak', we won't really expect Him to do anything!
If we view Him as 'Father Christmas', we'd always expect a big cuddly toy!

The Psalmist said: 'The Lord is my strength and song, and has become my salvation (my Yashua)'. Ps 118:14.

So, He is Strong: Able to bear up and sustain.
He is Salvation: Not just 'a' saviour, but the actual Pathway to Life and Freedom.
He is my Song: A Rejoicing to the heart.

Our God is all these and much more than we could ever imagine.

Notice how the Psalmist says, 'has become...'

Ah, his perspective was changing.
He had started seeing God the way God is to be seen - as the ' I Am '. The One able to do abundantly above all we could ever imagine or think He could do.

May I say that all we experience will lead us to this new perspective, though at present we can't always see this.

Remember: all things work for good...

Be encouraged therefore in Him.

Stay blessed,

Tony A.