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This is a message by David Weber. Please read and heed the call. - Tony.

20th January 2007

Word through David Weber

 I apologize to those people who are getting more e-mail now than they care to read. The word at times seems to come as a rushing mighty river, and I have to just yield to the strong current of the Spirit.

This piece is a reissue of a prophetic dialogue that I had with the Lord a while back. Some of you will probably remember it. This should be able to be heard on a deeper level now though, now that the Lord has brought a clearer vision to the calling, commission, and sacrifice of an Elijah/Bride remnant. 


One other thing that I feel the need to say here is this:


If you are a preacher/teacher/pastor who still teaches the traditional escape rapture theory, you really need to stop that now - or at least, get on your face before God so that you might find out from Him if you should really be teaching such things. I personally, would hate to be held accountable before God for leading His sheep astray in the day that should have been their preparation for glory.



A Prophetic Dialogue


"Lord, many people in this day do not understand the manner of your coming to prepare them for the Day of the Lord, and so they often attribute your coming to them as being from the devil; who, they think, is working through an unsanctified heart and intending to do them harm rather than good. These people think, 'Oh, that can't be my meek and mild Jesus. He would never speak to me or deal with me in such a way.' And in so thinking, they seem to often miss the day of their visitation and are then not able to reap the benefits of your coming to them." 


To this the Lord replied;


"These people think that I have come to bring peace to the earth (even their earth) in this day; but I have not. No, I have not come to bring peace but a sword. My people want authority and power to rule over the nations, but they can't even rule over the ungodly nations that lurk within their own hearts and minds. Before My people can rule and reign over the nations of the earth on My behalf, before they can manifest MY glory, I must rule over ALL areas of their minds and hearts with My Iron Scepter - which is My terrible Sovereignty."


I then said:


"Lord, most Christians don't know you in this way, or understand the manner of your dealings with them so that you might fully reign in them."


He said, 


"No, they don't. Most of My people have some understanding of My kindness, and they surely embrace that, but they have little to no understanding of My severity, which is also a part of My nature. They know very little of the Lord Who comes with eyes as a flame of fire and with feet as burnished brass, nor do they want to know Me in this way. They know very little of the One Who comes to them as the rod of iron which dashes the earthen pots to shivers, nor do they want to know Me in this way. They know very little of the One Who comes not to bring peace ... but rather a sword, which is the Word sent forth from My mouth to perform the vital surgery that is needed to save a church that has fallen into a critical condition - stricken by the cancer of carnality, complacency, and all manner of worldliness. But I am surely coming as I Am, and that to prepare a people for the great and dreadful Day of the Lord. In that coming I will be revealed to My own, and in My own, as I Am, and not as the enemies of the Cross have made Me out to be. I am coming as the Lion of the tribe of Judah through a prophetic voice which will ROAR with great authority; that which only comes out from the counsel of Almighty God Himself. These prophets are even now beginning to bring forth words of warning and exhortation to My people to prepare them for the days ahead."


"But Lord, many people believe that there are no vessels today through whom you can speak clearly. Where can clean and undefiled vessels be found through whom you can speak?"


"The answer to that is through those whom I have brought through the process of almost unbearable heart-rending and heartache, disappointments and massive rejection, major setbacks and profound conflicts. That is the lifestyle inherent with the call of My true prophets ... a lifestyle designed to strip away all of the self-life so that I can speak freely through men... I have conscripted such men, and have now brought them to where they need to be. These have been brought out of the world and its values so that they can see things from MY perspective and thereby bring forth words so that others might see Me more clearly. These are not the pillow prophets which proliferate in the churches. No, men such as these are rarely found. These are those who I have chosen specifically to pluck up and break down the things that are near and dear to men but are repulsive to Me. Men cling to their religious traditions, their heart idols, and their soul ties, for in these things they find their identity and for these things they fiercely contend. But I will send My prophets to them who are called and commissioned by Me to pluck up, root out and destroy those dreadful things in their hearts. This is not an easy thing for men to do; to bring a destructive word to someone (even their own friend or brother) who cannot see that the work is a most benevolent one. No, that is why ALL fear of men must be stripped away from these prophets. If a man is not willing to speak the destructive word for Me, then he will not be used to speak My restorative word either. It was My prophets who were faithful to speak My word of exile and judgment to Israel who were given the privilege of speaking the creative word of restoration and return. And so it will be also in the end of this age. I am coming in the voice of My prophets ... and in that appearing; in that speaking, a divine standard will fall which will remove all pretense from the hearts of My people. A prophetic warning of great proportion is now coming to prepare a people for the Day of the Lord. This is the coming of Elijah.


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