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10th August 2007


David Weber

5th Aug 07

On occasion, the Lord drops a prophetic word in my spirit. This is one of those occasions. This will be a tough word for some people. I hope that those people find encouragement in the promise of restoration and return which follows the warning of "breaking" and "pouring out." I did. 
 -- D

Most of modern western kingdom theology is way out of touch with the things that are closest to My heart, and because of this, many of My people are also way out of balance in their walk. Most of the teachers of today have done little more than heal the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly. They speak smooth things, and spiritual sayings, but many of these things are just making My people vain.
Many Christians today are so obsessed with the idea of how fabulous they are, or will one day be, that they are actually failing to do what I Am calling them to do now in this day.
Many say, "It is finished," and it is.  Many say, "Everything is 'yea and amen' in Him," and it is. Many say, "I'm resting in what God has already perfected," and there IS a perfected work, but THAT WORK speaks of the SON, and of sons, and not of the out of touch and out of balance people who fear helping the least and the lost, the sick and the downtrodden, less their comfortable lives and families be adversely affected in some way. 
Such as these who think they rest in Me, are not resting in Me, or on Me, but are resting on their lees. To rest in Me is to DO the will of the Father. Though these think of themselves as spiritually rich and flourishing now, and though these attend meetings and conferences where they say they are "caught up" and "touched by the glory," these are not being poured out as sacrifices unto the Father. These are NOT living for the sake of others, but primarily for self.  So the scent of carnality remains in them and on them. Their taste is of sour wine, muddied and mixed with the dregs of humanity, and IS NOT of the sweet new wine of My Spirit. 
This will not be this way for much longer, though. For the day is soon coming when I will send men who shall order and decree by the Spirit that bottles (which are the comfort zones of men) be overturned. Some bottles will be emptied. Others will be totally shattered, one against the other. Then these people will be ashamed of the idols that they have set up and worshipped before Me. Then, even as Moab was ashamed of Chamos, and as the house of Israel was ashamed of Bethel and the golden calves that were worshipped there, so these also will be ashamed of their idols and their wayward hearts. Then these, in their brokenness, will turn their hearts FULLY to Me ... and I will respond to them ... by healing them ... and by blessing them.