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14th August 2007


By Tisha Gill

Night falls

My dreams come to life

My third eye - once asleep

Awakes at the sound of silence


Peace comes over me

Like a flooding tide - mighty

My ears, deafened by the quiteness it hears

Ring with a silent peal of the night's song


Amongst the shadows, I sit

And partake of the security of Artemis' embrace

In her silvery glow, I bask in it

And close my eyes to the sleeping world


In the wake of angels, I swing upon their wings

Of the voice of the gentle wind, I listen to its haunting enchantment

Of love and joy, I follow my heart

Of the mysteries of the light of wisdom, my soul swims in its depth


To the rhinestone horizon, I soar

Like an eagle climbing high to the Heavens

Never returning, I remain in the air

Why do I wanna go back to earth?


Of this dream, I don't wanna awake

To the morning's light, let me sleep forever

For this shadow visionary's true essence is known not to man

But to the wild ones who know of me and love me dearly