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The 3rd Guard

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26th January 2007 (With a response from a brother below)

Hi Everyone,

I was in fellowship with other saints yesterday, and a sister drew attention to the praying of the saints in Acts 12.

She said that when James was taken, there was no recorded action by the church - but only that 'Herod killed James with the sword'. You will note there is no record of him being put in prison (an immediate action?).

But then Peter was taken, and the church had to sit up and start praying (Vs 5).

You'll remember Peter's supernatural deliverance from the prison.

But what also drew my attention was a prophetic word that came from those passages.

The angel and Peter passed one set of guards, then another set; then finally they met an iron gate - which opened of its own accord.

Beloved, this iron gate is the 3rd sentry,blocking the way to the 3rd day we are about to now enter!

We are about to meet an iron gate. It appears to block our way. It can not be opened by us, but it will open of its own accord. For the saints of God are praying! It can not resist the prayers of the saints!

There is an open gate coming upon us at this hour, an open heaven, with the angels ascending and descending upon us; as Our Father makes all things clear and is transforming us into the image He desires - even Christ!

It is needful for God's people at this hour to re-focus attention on Him, with the 'anti-hate' laws (which are mostly 'anti-Christian' laws) sweeping through the earth; for there is coming a time of great distress for His Body, but it is also a time of great joy.

Let us therefore heed the clarion call to re-focus that many are speaking at this hour.

Look up! Your redemption draweth near!

Stay blessed in Him,

Tony I. Asakpa
Somehow in here, Anthony, I believe Peter represents the company that will not bypass death, but rather, will pass THROUGH it as "an open gate." This is the resurrection of the third day. Herod here represents the sentence of death and corruption on the physical body (the physical man made up of 46 chromosomes; the number of Herod's temple). The prison here represents the grave (a grave that cannot hold the children of the resurrection). James in this represents all those who have passed on in death and have seen physical corruption (not to be seen or heard of). Peter on the other hand, though being held in the same "prison" of death and corruption as James (though that was not mentioned), is supernaturally shown the way to pass through the probation of the first and second day (the two sets of guards), and then even moves on THROUGH death's gate itself on the third day. This, of course, is all following the pattern for resurrection set by Jesus when He was raised from the dead in the garden tomb on the third day. Jesus didn't bypass death. He passed through it. The grave could not hold Him, nor will it us. This is all represented in this passage of scripture from Acts. Peter appearing to the brethren (who thought it was not Peter but his angel) represents the manifestation of the sons of God to those still in the outer-court of corruption (Ezek. 44). 
Of course, this will all require much prayer from the saints. God is giving us a "heads up" now on this thing, so that we can be praying in accordance with His will. I hope that some people soon start catching this by the Spirit, because they need to be praying about this.
Bless you, brother,