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Seeing Christ - the agenda

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18th October 2006

Hi Guys,

We must continually evaluate what we know to be truth. How does our doctrine stack up against the standard? God's Word - The written word.

Is our set of doctrines based on secular management strategies with no basis in the word of God?

Is our doctrine just what we have learnt from someone we hold important, so it must be true, so we don't check it? Or do we check half-hearted looking to support our view?

Everybody has an agenda. The question is: What is that agenda?

Is it to steer people to Christ?
Is it to hold people in a particular viewpoint, so they are not lost to us, even though they may be losing Christ in the process?
Is it because we are afraid? Ah, perfect love casts out fear.

Those who know me, know that my physical speech appears weak, but the God who has given me this pen (or keyboard in this case) is Mighty.

Let us continue to learn not to judge again after the flesh (John 8:15). Apostle Paul says 'henceforth (i.e since coming to Christ) we know no-one after the flesh' (2Cor 5:16). The context being in Christ - when you see the verses that follow.

So let us continue to see the Spirit of Christ in our brethren. Not judging them by how they look; what we think they may be thinking about; how they dress; how they smell!

Judging rather by the word of God. How does what we say and live stack up against Christ, against the word? Knowing that His grace still covers all. That we may continue to support our brethren and gently steer them back on course, if any may take the wrong turn. But even then, Christ is the Lord. Always remembering: that we are brethren. Lay emotions aside and lay hold on Christ.

Let us learn  His word, not just books about His word. For those whom memory is a problem (like me!), may we continue to ask Him for grace and strength to learn and keep.

Know that you are all loved. His heart is large enough for the whole world and still there is room for more.

Stay blessed in Him,

Tony A.