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Posted on this site 26th April 2007


By David Weber

26th April 2007


"But if I cast out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you." (Luke 11:20)

As with most all bible verses, there are many applications to this verse, but let me just say here that where demonic influence is overcome ... the Kingdom of God has come. This not only applies to situations of demonic possession and then divine deliverance from that possession, but it also applies to Christians themselves getting free from all demonic oppression and influence.

How often Christians pray, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done" but then they continue on as they always have, not overcoming the demonic influences that are married to particular parts of their fallen nature. Oh, I know that many Christians don't even think that they can be oppressed by demonic spirits. Let them go ahead and think that. That doesn't change the truth. The truth is that the Kingdom of God will come to those who are willing to pray for the Lord to come with a vengeance against any and all unclean things that have worked to hold back the Christ life from within them.

God's judgments must start in His own house, beloveds. These are not judgments on sin, but judgments upon the satanic influence that works within to manifest sinful behaviors. We are at the dawn of an age beloved ones, when the enemies of God must be put under the feet of His church. This work starts up-close and personal, friends ... I kid you not. Ask the Lord to put His finger upon the satanic influences in your life ... then the Kingdom of God can and will be made manifest to you and in you in an even greater way than you have already experienced.



A question from a sister, then a response ...

Question (have been having a running conversation with someone about this):  How does the subconscious mind fit into this?  I realize this is a psychological term; maybe you have a better one (perhaps our "inner parts") -- that part of our soul, where the lies are collected and hidden, for the most part, from our conscious mind, that influences us in ways we are NOT AWARE of.  It seems that only a thorough repentance can get deep enough, a probe by the Holy Spirit that shines light into those dark areas-- as you say, where "the demonic influences are married to particular parts of our fallen nature."


I'm not sure that I understand your question exactly, but, there are demonic influences that have legal access into our lives through "particular parts of our fallen nature." These, though instrumental in causing the manifestation of ungodliness in us, are ultimately the tools used by the Father to expose the dark parts of our carnal minds and hearts. It is when these dark parts are brought into the light that we can come into agreement with the Father for our deliverance.

In the case of the woman on the street, she didn't need to discern her problem, for the Father sent a priest to first discern the problem for her and then to stand in agreement with Him for her deliverance. She was able to recognize the problem only after deliverance had come to her. Then she could only weep and weep because of the tremendous love that the Father was pouring out on her, and because of the tremendous burden that was lifted from off of her by God's grace. The Kingdom of God had come to that woman, and she knew it.

I guess that I have a burden to share a little about this topic this morning because it is absolutely imperative for Christians to get free from all demonic influence now, and that because the dark influences are going to increase exponentially in strength in the coming days, and that to expose the darkness in all men's hearts. Christians are called to be deliverers in the days that are ahead, but they will not be able to be used as such if they themselves are still bound by demonic things.

I hope that this helps ...

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