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14th May 2007


This is from session 11 of Dr. Dwight A. Pryor's series "Behold the Man!". He delves into the Hebraic understanding of the Kingdom of God, comparing it to the Greco-Roman (Western) mindset; clearing up a lot of errors in the process. He also looks briefly at "Scofieldism" (00:04:23) and "Dispensationalism". Filmed in 2001.

"The issue is not Domain it's Dominion. The issue is not Place, the issue is Power".

"Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God are referring to the same reality. One is the Hebraic way of speaking, the other is the Greek way of speaking".

"Now Yeshua believes in the world to come...He does believe in life-after-death, of course...but He's not talking about life-after-death when He talks about the Kingdom".

"He's not talking about a place, He's talking about a Power that's breaking into people's lives in some unprecedented way".

Kingdom of Heaven/God: "Submission to the Divine instruction... with putting on the yoke of God's Authority to rule and reign over you, so that you follow His Commands, you hear His Voice, you obey His Will".

He expounds on the 1st letter in the Bible -"Beth" in Gen 1:1. Why not the letter "A"? He shows us the visual picture that teaches us something profound.

Dr. Pryor is founder of The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies. Behold the Man! is a 12-session series.


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