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19th May 2007


Hi Guys,

A partial transcript of Dwight Pryor's session 12 of the Behold the Man series (for those with reduced internet speed).

Dr. Pryor uses his in-depth understanding of Hebrew language & culture to bring some clarity to misunderstood Scripture. Fascinating and essential insight! Filmed in 2001.

My interjections are in brackets [ ] for clarity.

Video below transcript.

Stay blessed,


[Matt 4:17] "The Kingdom is already, yet even more! It is! It does have a future indicative, but a present imperative. The Kingdom is advancing. And that's what we're going to be praying, 'Lord! Advance your Kingship in our lives.'  And it will come to fruition..."

"Typically, I'm not saying exclusively, but typically 'Kingdom Language' of Yeshua is used with a present reference.

" 'Malkhut Ha-Shamayim' [Kingdom of Heaven] in Hebrew is what is called a 'verbal noun'... the emphasis is on activity."

"Yeshua is always thinking multi-dimensionally... When Yeshua talks about the Kingdom of Heaven -  the Kingdom of God - I want to suggest that He's emphasizing 1 of 3 things, sometimes emphasizing all 3 things at once: ... A Person... A Power that's at work in a process... A People ."

[Matt 11:12 - Violent take it by force. A reference] "... to Micah 2... John the Baptist is fulfilling the role of the 'Breaker', but I'm the Shepherd. I'm leading the Sheep out of captivity and it's happening with explosive force!"

[Matt 7:21] "Not everybody who says, 'Lord, Lord', has in fact had a spiritual encounter with me. In other words, just because they use the language of submission doesn't mean they are under my rule and authority as King."

"It takes more than verbal affirmation to be part of Jesus' People. It takes the fruit of repentance; it takes the obedience of faith, as Paul calls it. It means, 'I will hear you Rabbi.    I will be covered in your dust. I will walk after you. I will study your words.' "

" The fact that He's Sovereign over you, means He shall be Judge over you. And the truth is: That is unconditional. You can't opt-out of it. You can't say, 'I don't want You to be my Creator. I don't want You to be my Judge.' There is nothing you can do, no condition you have to meet for Him to be Cosmic Creator over you".

"At the exodus from Egypt He became King over Israel, not over Egypt. And He became King over Israel when they volitionally accepted His Kingship by saying, '...we will do and hear all that You say in the Torah.' "

[Matt 6:9 The Lord's Prayer] "When He teaches us how to pray, He says we should say, '...Our Father in Heaven... may Your Name be sanctified. By my conduct may I engage in good deeds, in obedient acts so people will see them and give honour to You in Heaven... In Your reigning reign!' (Literally)... what He is saying is not that the Kingdom should 'come', but that God's Kingly authority and power should advance more & more & more in people's lives... in other words, 'May Your will be done.' "

"That's why it's Behold the Man!... Take His Life seriously. Hear His Voice. Obey His Words. Study His teachings. Because in so doing the Kingship of God advances in your life and mine. And because of Him... the Spirit of Messiah in us cries out, 'Abba! Abba! Father!' "