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16th September 2007

The Last Leg of the Race

David Weber

I was given a burden this morning to share this word with a couple of local pastors (those who still preach that there will be an "escape rapture" of the saints). I'm passing this on to all of you now too though, with the hope of encouraging you to run this upcoming leg of the race with endurance, and with the hope that you might pass this short word on to those who you know are still making "lies their refuge, and falsehood their hiding place." -- D

Many in the church today are not going to have what it takes to run the last and final lap of the race. This is because "their teachers" have taught them to set their hope on an escape rapture, a false doctrine that will eventually lead people into confusion, stumbling, and falling away from the faith, rather than to the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. It is going to take great faith and trust in God alone for the saints to endure the things that are coming. But most have not the faith and trust and vision that will lead them to a victorious end, because they have put their hope in false doctrine, making lies their refuge, and falsehood that which they hope to hide under when the overflowing scourge passes through.
My heart is terribly grieved today, because I know that most of my Christian brethren have not been properly taught, trained, and strengthened to the point that they can ENDURE to the end of this upcoming last leg of the race. It is going to take great endurance to finish this race that Jesus has called us to run. It was for the joy that was set before Jesus that He endured the cross. In the same way, beloved, it is for the joy set before us (that of glorifying God to the end - and the hope of a glorious resurrection) that we also endure -- whatever comes our way -- right to the very end.
If you have not vision for what is spoken of here, this final leg of the race, then please pray for God the Father to give you vision for these things -- vision that you can share with others.
These things I have spoken to you, that you (and your flock) may be kept from stumbling (John 16:1).
Blessings to you, in Christ Jesus.