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To all scientists

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24th December 2006

Hi Everyone,

Hope the Christmas preparations are going well. This is a message for all scientists everywhere.

May I say that when scientists talk about Nanotechnology, or Serrapeptase (The Silkworm enzyme presently revolutionizing treatment of inflammatory conditions), or Gated-Molecular Channels - they speak about God's wonders, albeit unknowingly.

May I say that when they delve into genetic or biochemical intricacies, or subconscious workings - they are really seeking something greater; something  that God has placed in their hearts.

Christ said, 'You will not come to Me that you might have Life'. All searchers will eventually find this True Life.

God has given wisdom to mankind to research these hidden mysteries, these esoteric secrets, really so that they end up finding Him.

He spoke to George Washington Carver about the peanut, and out of it came more than 100 products that revolutionized America!

He is telling scientists many things today; things that were only in 'seed-form' centuries ago as man continues to reach-out with just an infinitesimal part of His Wisdom. There are zillions of discoveries & wonders still to be made. We have 'the ages' to discover them. So we'll still be quite busy in the future!

So when you hold that Biology or Physics Textbook in your hand - be ready to be amazed!

So I say to all scientists everywhere: continue the good work, keep up the marvellous discoveries, don't stop marvelling at His creation.
But don't forget the Biggest Picture of all: The Lord who holds all the cards, including you.

May the New Year be fulfilling for all!

Tony A.

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