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6th March 2007


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28th March 2007


All available "safe" Cancer "Cures" today work by the body's ability to heal itself by improving the immune system and reversing the harmful micro-organisms back to the "microzyma" stage (living micro-organisms that make up every living cell, known today as Chromatin granules), as Professor Antoine Bechamp (a contemporary of Louis Pasteur) first explained in his microzymian theory of disease.

Raymond Rife (1930's) then discovered these microzymas changed to deadly micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) that interchanged form when the body was out-of-balance. He noted that Cancer was a result of this imbalance.

Otto Warburg then discovered the "lack of oxygen" link at the cellular level to this imbalance which leads cells to become cancerous.

All Cancer "Cures" today work on this principle: Improve the immune system and oxygen utilisation at the cellular level, the Cancer cell regresses back to the microzymian stage and hence vanishes. Sound too good to be true,huh?

[Note: Not very conventional thinking, I know!! But it will be...]

2nd April 2007
Someone asked about the causative factors for Cancer, if the above is true.
The causes of Cancer remain very varied, as stated in the usual literature e.g genetic links, infectious links etc..
Our environment/atmosphere is getting less pristine as harmful radiation changes everything. Our chemically-contaminated food supply hasn't helped us as well. Is it any wonder that people are getting sicker?
But the real underpinning principles of cell-transformation are the 2 phrases above: "cellular oxygen lack" and "impaired immune function".
Know that we all "fight" cancer every single day.
We battle with "rogue" cells that want to break away from their mundane routine constantly. And for some people, unfortunately, these cells overwhelm the others.
But the principle for treatment must take into cognisance these very factors for success to be possible. Hence the noted success with Ozone, Beck's, Vitamin B17, Intravenous Vitamin C, Cesium Chloride, Essiac,
healthy eating with an Alkaline Diet , Dichloroacetate [2007 studies from University of Alberta, Canada] etc..

But I still state: "Orthodox" and "Alternative" therapies must work together and gain from each others experience. The financial loss, however, is what is throwing a "spanner in the works" of a lot of business folks.

Someone also asked how one would explain the relevance of antibiotics etc... with this microzymian theory.
Quite simple.
The following is my twist on this postulate (So you can test it out!):
A "microzymian" cell is  a healthy cell in a balanced body-state teeming with microzyma (the "stem cell" micro-organism, if you will) that have not been transformed to unhealthy micro-organisms.
Antibiotics are said to be either "bacteriostatic" (so they kind of "immobilize" a bacteria), or bacteriocidal (so they "destroy" bacteria).
What do they do? They attempt to drive the affected cells back to the microzymian stage. But in the process because they also affect healthy cells, side effects are seen, in addition to the release of toxic breakdown products of the cell. But with their indiscrimate use, the unhealthy micro-organisms within the cells continue to transform themselves to other organisms or to more "resistant" forms. I'm sure you've noted the continuum in the very ill patients: bacteria, then virus, then fungal infections. It's not a coincidence, but just represents the degree of immune dysfunction in these cells, and the transformation of the same or similar organisms to cope with this state. It's called "pleomorphism".
Gaston Naessens stated that "Germs are not the cause of, but the result of, disease". See
Another significant point is Bechamp considered the microzyma to be "immortal". So even if a bacteria or virus is "destroyed", it probably has just returned to its microzyma stage.

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