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Posted on this site 2nd May 2007

The Vision Of The Four Angels


 Mitt Jeffords


I was at a time in my walk where I was coming to see, and to believe, that there was surely two different manners that the scriptures could be interpreted: the first being the interpretation that is brought forth through the use of man’s understanding, which is nothing more than a vain opinion; but the second interpretation is the truth that the Lord reveals through the spiritual understanding and revelation knowledge that he gives to those who ask of him. I was musing and wondering just how much difference could there really be between the spiritual understanding of God and the natural understanding of man. It was then that the Holy Spirit quickened me to read the story about Samuel, David, and Goliath.


I began reading at the point in time where Saul was king over Israel, but he had just chosen to do those things that pleasing to the people of Israel rather than to do those things which pleased the God of Israel. After Saul had done this wicked thing, the Lord then sent Samuel to say to Saul that which is written in I Samuel 13:13 "You have done foolishly, for you have not kept the commandment of the Lord your God which he com-manded you; for now would have the Lord established your kingdom upon Israel forever. But now your kingdom shall not continue, for the Lord has sought for a man after his own heart, and the Lord has commanded him to be captain over his people, because you have not kept that which the Lord commanded you". It was at this time that the Lord reminded me that each one of us has also been called to become a “king and a priest” of the Lord; so I knew that it would be a wise thing for me to carefully consider why God was going to take the kingdom away from Saul, and why would the Lord then choose to give it to David? At this point, all that I understood was that Saul feared the people more than he feared God.


The Lord then told Samuel that he had already found the man who the Lord was going to anoint to be next king, and that he desired for Samuel to call for a sacrifice so that Saul would not be suspicious about the true purpose Samuel was to be there. The Lord had told Samuel to invite Jesse, and all of his sons; for it would be from among Jesse’s sons that the Lord would reveal who he had chosen to be the next king over Israel. So Samuel did exactly as the Lord said, calling for a sacrifice and giving Jesse the instruction that he and all of his sons should be there. It was here that the Lord opened the eyes of my understanding to see that Samuel did all that the Lord had asked him to do except one thing, and that was that Samuel examined the sons of Jesse for himself, to see if he could determine who he thought the Lord was going to choose to be the next king.


It was here that the Lord asked me to consider who Samuel was. I said, “Lord, Samuel was a man who you chose from before his birth to be your prophet and your priest over your people Israel. You even had him raised up in your temple so that he could be taught and nurtured in all of your ways, as well as be instructed in all of the laws of Moses. In fact, Lord, I do not think that there is any doubt that Samuel probably knew more about you than any other man who was alive at that time”. Then the Lord opened my under-standing to see that after Samuel had gathered the sons of Jesse together, this man who knew such much about God, did not even wait for the Lord to come and make his announcement, but rather, Samuel chose to go ahead of God, and he announce who he thought the Lord would choose to be next king; and it was Eliab, the eldest son of Jesse. Samuel was so confident that he had made the right decision that he boastfully declared in I Samuel 16:6 "...Surely the Lord's anointed (Eliab) is before him". But Samuel was wrong.


Then, in the very next verse, the Lord comes and says to him, "Samuel, do not look on his appearance, nor on the height of his stature, for I have rejected him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart". I then considered for a moment the times in my own life were I had been so confi-dent in some the decisions that I had so right that I felt like I would have bet my life on it; only to find out later how foolish those decisions really were. I knew that the shame that I had suffered during those times must have in some way been similar to that which Samuel felt at that moment of his correction. in some major decisions that I made, s only to find later that I was not even close. After all, Samuel was the man who the Lord had raised up in his temple, and the man whom the Lord had spoken with since his youth, and the man who knew more about God than anyone living at that time. If he could not rightly discern between he who the Lord rejected from he who the Lord had chosen, then how could any man, using his own natural judgment, be able to rightly discern anything of God?


We all know that Jesus himself said, "For many are called but only a few are chosen". Who are those whom the Lord will choose? Even though he loves all men so much that he suffered and died for us all, but still there are only going to be a few chosen. Could it be that all those who are called and then rejected are those who are like Eliab, man who had a good countenance and an appearance of righteousness? Jesus even said, “Woe unto scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whited tombs which indeed appear outwardly beautiful, but within you are full of dead bones and all uncleanness (Isa.64:6: “self-righteousness”) Even so, you outwardly appear righteous before men, but within, you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity”. I then realized that if Samuel was deceived by such an appearance, then how much more easy would it be for me to be to not only be deceived by others, but to also deceive myself by my own wisdom; using my own natural wisdom, as Samuel did, to try and discern the spiritual things of God? If there is anything that I want to understand, it is the difference between the called and the chosen; the rejected and the accepted.


I was carefully considering what the Lord was trying to teach me when the Lord then quickened unto me that which is written in I Corinthians 2:11 “For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of man, which is in him? Even so, the things of God does no man know, only the Spirit of God. Now we have not received the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God”. After reading this word, the Lord then said to me, “The only way that it would have been possible for Samuel to have correctly chosen who God was going to anoint as the next king was if he had the gift of the Holy Spirit; for one must have spiritual eyes to see as God sees; and God looks upon the intents and purposes of the hearts of men”.  Then the Lord said, "If I had wanted you to play-act being a child of God, then I would have never given to you the gift of the Holy Spirit to correct you and teach you concerning all things that are of God. Only I, the Lord, have the power to open your eyes so that you may see as I see. Only I have the power that enables the veil to be removed from off of your heart and the power to remove the scales from off of your eyes so that you may see and know the intents of the thoughts of your own heart. It is only after I have filled you with the spirit of my wisdom that you will be able to discern between those who appear righteous and those who I see as righteous”, says the Lord.  “No man is able to see as I see without being filled with the fullness of my wisdom, my understanding, and my truth; only then shall be able to judge righteously, and not according to appearances”.


It was my turn; for just as Samuel had been humbled in his judgment of men, so also had the Lord just done the same for me. How many times had I, 1000’s, 10,000’s or 100,000’s of times had I judged others according to their appearances, saying within myself, "Surely this is a righteous man", or "Surely, this is a man will find no favor in the sight of the Lord”. I knew then that I was no different from Samuel, making my judgments of other men, as well as of my own self, according to how things have appeared in my own eyes.


It was then that the Lord again opened my heart to understand more deeply the error that Samuel and I had both made, as well as how I have erred every time that I have judged men; for Jesus himself said in John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearances but rather judge righteous judgment”. If I had examined the sons of Jesse for myself, then I would have also looked for that man who appeared to have the qualities that a king who should be respected and honored by the people should have. But what were the qualities that God was looking for? It was then that the Spirit of the Lord quickened to me that which Jesus said in Luke 16:15 “You are they who “make yourselves” righteous before men, but God "knows your heart"; for that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God”. It was with this word that the Lord made it clear to me that what he said to Samuel was the truth; “God does not see as man sees”; the very qualities that men esteem in each other as well as in themselves, these are the very same qualities that God sees as an abomination; that which is very disgusting in his sight.


Then the Lord quickened unto me that which is written in Proverbs 16:5 "Everyone who is "proud in heart" is an abomination to the Lord"; and then the Lord said to me, “You know that it is written that no abominable thing shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Those who are proud in heart only like to showcase their own strengths, their own wisdom, their own abilities, and their own works. The proud do such things to satisfy their own desires for vain glory and praise. These are the treasures of all those who are proud in heart. I am seeking for a people whose hearts desire is for me to showcase for them my wonderful works, my strength, my wisdom, my ability, and my power. The proud have no pleasure in such things because those who are proud love their own sufficiency. Do you now perceive that it would have been impossible for Samuel to use any other method to examine the sons of Jesse with other than judging them according to their own abilities, wisdom, reputation, appearance, and strengths?” says the Lord.


After the Lord finished speaking these things unto me, he then quickened unto me that which his written in II Chronicles 16:9 "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect towards him...". It was with this word that I began to understand more clearly the heart that was pleasing in the sight of God; the humble of heart of those who have no desire to be God of them selves, but who are desirous and content with letting God to be God; letting showcase Himself. I then understood why the apostle Paul found so much favor in the sight of God because of that which is written in II Corinthians 12:9 where the Lord said to Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you; for my strength is made perfect in your weaknesses". Will the man who is proud of heart ever acknowledge his weaknesses? Who is God able to show himself strong to except those have weaknesses? Then Paul answered saying, "Therefore I will most gladly glory in my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest upon me". It was at this moment that I realized within my own heart, I had never esteemed nor honored any man who showed weakness. Yet Paul was certainly not such a man to hide his, for he also said in I Corinthians 2:3 “And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not with the enticing words of man’s wisdom (that which is esteemed in the sight of men), but rather in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that you might know that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God”.


After the Lord finished speaking these things, I just sat there for a time examining myself to see if I really understood what it meant “to have a heart for God”. It was then that the Lord spoke again asking, “When Goliath stood before the armies of Israel, challenging them to send forth the bravest and strongest man in Israel to fight the champion of the Philistines, where was Eliab? Where was Saul? Did of any of the mighty men of Israel use this occasion to stand up against Goliath so that he might showcase his own strength and might?” “No Lord, none”. Then the Lord continued, “Do you believe that it was necessary for me to use a giant of a man to fight against another giant of a man? Do you see that the Philistines chose their champion from those things, which are highly esteemed among men, the height of his stature, the strength of his own physical ability, as well as the intimidation of his physical appearance? Do you think that I cowered in fear at the sight of Goliath?” says the Lord. “Do you think that I was intimidated because of Goliath’s stature? Do you not yet perceive that all that I needed was for one man in Israel to believe on me; one who would allow for me to be God, to showcase my strength and power on his behalf? My eyes found such a man in David, the son of Jesse.


As delighted as I was to find David, a man after my heart, did Jesse see his son that which I saw in David? When Samuel called for the sacrifice and told Jesse to bring all of his sons there, who did Jesse select to stay behind to shepherd the flock? Did not Jesse think that David was so far inferior in stature and in strength to that of his brothers that I would not possibly choose him to be king over Israel? Yes, but I saw the wisdom that was in David’s heart; the wisdom which desires for me to his God; the wisdom which would allow for me to showcase my power, my wisdom, my strength, my creativity, my love, my righteousness, my judgment, and my heart not only for him, but for all of my people. The wisdom that allows for me to be your God in all matters, no matter whether they be small or great. I delight in all those who have this wisdom in their hearts”, says the Lord.   


I knew the scriptures testified many times that, “God only knows the heart”; but I had not once even considered that was in the manner that he was revealing to me. I then under- stood that just as God was not fearful or intimidated by the sight of Goliath, so neither was David; for all of the focus of David's heart was on the power, the strength, and the ability of his heavenly Father rather than upon the size and strength of his adversary Goliath; so much so that this young man stood and said, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine who should defy the armies of the living God?" Yet, what power would that army have if it had not been for the faith of one young man? Yes, just like David, the mighty men of Israel believed that the Lord, he was there God; they just did not believe that God would show himself strong and mighty on their behalf. Because of this unbelief, all of Israel cowered in fear and dread at the sight of Goliath; all except one. It was then that the Lord quickened unto me that which his written in Matthew 15:8 where Jesus said of the hypocrites, “This people draw near unto me with their mouth, and they honor me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. In vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men”. I then saw the vanity in any worship that does not allow for God to showcase his divinity, his love, and his power. 


Later that night, I was still considering these things when the Lord said to me, "Mitt, who is your champion?" With that one question, It seemed like my heart took on a change that I had never experienced before; it was like I experienced that child-like faith that David had for the first time in my walk. I was as though there was no doubt as to who my champion was going to be when spiritual Goliaths arose in my path; troubles, cares, fears, and any circumstance or situation that was beyond my control. It was then that the Lord quickened to me that which Jesus said in Matthew 18:3 “Truly I say to you that unless you are converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”.  I then realized that since the day that the Lord had called me, I had thought if I walked the strait and narrow path that the Lord asked us to walk, then I would grow into a spiritual giant, a man who would be highly esteemed and honored. I had no idea that my walk would go in a direction that was completely the opposite of what a thought, growing and increasing in the humble and meek heart of a child; but a heart that allow for God to be that spiritual giant.


Then later on that same night, I had just gotten in bed, and had only been lying there for just a minute or two when I looked towards the end of my bed and I saw what looked like a white slated fence running between the two bedposts at the foot of my bed. This fence looked like the typical kind of wooden fence that I have seen many times at horse farms; and it even appeared to have a small gate that could swing open like the ones you see at a rodeo. My first thought was, “Is this a dream or is it a vision?”; but then I realized that what I was seeing was actually happening before my eyes, for the next thing that I saw was 4 angels climbing up from the backside of the fence. They each appeared to only be about 3 or 4 feet tall, and they each had the countenance of a 5 or 6 year old child. Until that moment, my eyes had seen any creature, including small children, which had such an innocent countenance and sweet smile.


I was just staring at them in amazement when each one of them lifted up their arms and started pointing towards my chest. They were pointing at me just like a little child would, moving their little hands quickly back and forth. When I realized that they were pointing at my chest, I first thought that maybe there was something on it, like a spider or a bug. So I started furiously slapping my chest, from one side to the other, as fast as I could. I then realized that there were no bugs or spiders on my chest because when I looked back at these little angels, they were all giggling like little children; but they were still pointing their fingers towards my chest. My next thought was that maybe I had some kind of lump or a bump on me, so I started feeling all over my chest to see if I could feel something. When I could not feel anything or see anything, I then looked back and these angels, and they were giggling that much more, and their fingers were moving back and forth even faster than before; it was as if they were little children playing a game of “hot and cold”, and the closer to got to that hidden thing, the more excited they became.


All of sudden, all of these angels reached a state of extreme excitement, and I have never seen any hands moving as quickly back and forth as their hands were, still pointing their fingers at my chest. It was then that I realized that my hand was lying directly over my heart. So I said to them, "Are you trying to show me something about my heart?" Again they reacted just like the little children who are so excited because you have found that which was hidden from you. Then, with smiles on their faces, and without any words being spoken verbally, they began to communicate with me; telepathically is the only way that I know how to describe it. It was real strange at first because since I could not see any of their mouths moving, I was never able to discern which angel was actually speak- ing to me at any given time; but they began by saying; "Yes, Mitt, it is your heart that we are pointing to, for we have been sent to help you understand more clearly those things of the heart that the heavenly Father is looking for; for whatever a man truly believes, he believes it in his heart; and it is those things which a man believes that his heart treasures.


Have you not seen in your own heart that you have made the same mistake in judgment that Samuel made when he chose Eliab. Were you not also ashamed when you saw your own error? Did you not feel as though someone had taken away from you a treasure out of your heart? So was it also with Samuel, seeing that he was so confident in the judgment that he had treasured. Samuel treasured his own judgment because he believed in his heart that his judgment was right. But it was in these times of darkness, under the first covenant, that God winked at such ignorance in men; for it was of such a time that Samuel lived in, times of ignorance where neither the truth of the scriptures, nor the truth about God, and neither the truth concerning the hearts of men was known; for it is as it was written, that all of these things were veiled. Was not the Son of the living God rejected? Were not even James and John ignorant of what the nature of the Spirit that was in them? Were there any who could hear and understand the words that Jesus spoke?


For it was by reason of this ignorance that the heavenly Father sent his only begotten Son as a light of truth in this world of darkness. It was Christ who overcame this fallen world of ignorance, sin, and death. It was Christ who overcame the darkness of Satan’s lies, those words that he crafts to appear as the truth and that seem right in the sight of men. For it was Christ who, after being crucified, dead, and then raised again, appeared in heaven as the Lamb who was slain. For it was in the resurrection, in the time before Jesus descended beneath, that he ascended into heaven to do that which no man in heaven or in the earth had been able to do; remove the seals from off the book. For it was these seals that kept the truth of the scriptures veiled, that which reveals the truth about God, as well the truth about the hearts of men. If Jesus Christ had not prevailed, having won the victory, then there would have been none who had power to deliver men out of this darkness of ignorance. There would have been none who could have heard and understood the truth of the scriptures. There would have been none who could have know the thoughts of his heart with its intents. There would have been none who could have come to know the heavenly Father; and you know that eternal life only belongs to those who “know the Father” (John 17:3). It is the truth of all these things that sets men free from all of the powers of darkness.


So do you now understand that as long as Samuel lived under this first covenant, the it would have been impossible for him to discern how God sees, seeing that under this same covenant, the eyes of the people of God remained blind and their hearts veiled (Deut.29:1-4/II  Cor.3:14-17). It was a time where it was not yet possible for Samuel, or for any other prophet or righteous man to see, or to hear, or to the perceive the truth about the hearts of the sons of Jesse; for no man yet knew God. It is this same blindness that God now com-mands all men everywhere to repent; to turn from this darkness of ignorance. For it is by reason of this bondage to the darkness, that Samuel had no choice but measure the sons of Jesse according to things that were seen outwardly; their abilities, their strengths, their works, and their physical appearances. Thus being blind to see the truth of God, Samuel could only believe those things that he saw with his own eyes, which is not able to see the intents and the motives of the heart. Samuel erred when he made his selection of Eliab because he based his decision upon those things which he himself esteemed and honored in men; for in his own eyes, he saw Eliab as the one best measured up to what he thought the qualities of a king should be.


The angels continued speaking saying, "Under the old covenant, on the veiled side of the word where the scriptures are interpreted with man’s understanding, men are held in bondage to their own wisdom; that is, they believe that the truth is that which appears right in their own eyes. It is for this reason that Samuel was confident that his selection of Eliab was the right selection. Yet, it is in this darkness that man will esteem those very things of man which God sees as abominations in his sight; for you know that the word of God testifies of this truth saying, “That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God. It is here that you will find the deceitful lies of pride deceiving the hearts of God’s people into believing that they are able to make "self" to appear acceptable and godly in their own eyes; as well as in the sight of all those others who also walk in the darkness. For on the veiled side of the word, the focus of fallen man is on the man, and upon those things which are seen by man: man’s abilities, man’s righteousness, man’s power; man’s laws, man’s strengths, man’s will, man’s works, and man’s glory. It is not so on the unveiled side of the word; for in the light of God’s truth, all of the focus is upon God, and upon those things which are not seen; God’s abilities, God’s strength, God’s wisdom, God’s power, God’s law, God’s will, the works of God, and the glory of God. Was not Jesus himself lightly regarded by men but esteemed to be well pleasing in the sight of God? This is the power of the darkness; for on the veiled side of the word, man is exalted, man is praised, man is honored, and man is esteemed for all those things that are seen by men.


It is not so on the unveiled side of the word, where the heavenly Father only is exalted, and praised, glorified, and honored. The eyes of the heavenly Father go to and fro throughout the earth, examining the hearts of all men to find those who have a heart for him. It is of such a heart that God found in David; a humble heart that yearned for God to show himself strong and mighty on David’s behalf. Do you not know that it is even so now? For has not your heavenly Father called you with the desire to make you a king and a priest also? Do you not know that the heavenly Father is still seeking out those who have a humble heart just as David had; a heart that would gladly allow for God to be the King of kings?


It is on the veiled side of the word that the heart of man is proud; and those who are of such a heart are those who appear as Eliab appeared in Samuel’s eyes, a man who seemed to be self-sufficient. It is this self-sufficient heart that resists and refuses any guidance or help from God; and it is this self-sufficiency that makes the heart of the proud an abomination in the sight of God. Do the self-sufficient put any reliance in God? Yet, in this fallen world of darkness, is not the heart of those who are seemingly appear as the most self-sufficient the heart that is the most admired and most esteemed among men? Do you understand why Samuel chose Eliab? Do you now understand that it is this ignorance that your heavenly Father is commanding all men to repent of, seeing that has given unto the Spirit of his Son Jesus to reveal all truth unto you and to transform your mind?


When the Philistines set their armies in array, and sent forth Goliath as their champion, where were all of the mighty men of Israel; all those who had been esteemed and honored for their own strength and might? Where was Eliab? Where was Saul? Where were any of those who boasted in their own strength and abilities? Where were those who desired glory and praise? Did not the hearts of all of the mighty men of Israel see their own abilities, their own strengths, their own wisdom, and their own power just dissolve away when Goliath appeared before their eyes? Do you yet understand how weak and vain those things are which men esteem and honor? Yet, were not these the same characteristics that which even Samuel thought was right and true? Do you not see that in this world of darkness, the strengths of men are only illusions before your own eyes; illusions that men believe are truth?


It is only of the veiled side of the word, the darkened word of men’s interpretations, where Satan and all of his demons are able to dwell. It is only in the darkness where Satan is able to transform himself into an angel of light and his demons into ministers of righteousness. It is only in the darkness that all such unclean spirits are able to hide themselves in those things that are naturally seen by men, deceiving the hearts of the blind. It is here that the grievous wolves will appear as the sheep who speak those enticing words that seduce the people of God to focus only those things which are esteemed and treasured in the sight of men; man’s own abilities, man’s own wisdom, man’s own strength, man’s own works, and man’s own righteousness, rather than to focus on those things which belong only to the Lord God. In this world of darkness, did David’s own brothers esteem him to have the qualities of a king? Did the Jews esteem Jesus to have the qualities of a king?  Did Jesse even consider to bring David along to the sacrifice in which the new king of Israel was to be chosen? Did the Jews ever consider to call Jesus the king of Israel? How much more the King of kings? How great is this darkness of ignorance which honors and esteems men, but has despised and rejected both of these men who the heavenly Father found to be only pleasing and acceptable in his sight?


It is only on this veiled side of the word where Satan is been able to establish his own kingdom; a kingdom where the darkness appears as light; where his lies appear as truth; where man’s works and efforts seem good; where iniquity (self-righteousness) appears as righteousness; where the illusion of life appears as life; and where men’s traditions seem like the laws of God. Though the scriptures declare that no flesh shall glory in the sight of God? Still, on this veiled side of the word, Satan’s ministers are able to entice men those who are deceived into doing those very works; the works that the hypocrite does to be seen pleasing in the sight of men. Did not God choose to take Saul’s kingdom away from him for doing this very thing?  The entire world is under the power of darkness, the power that deceives men into believing that God is pleased with that which they make of themselves, putting forth their best effort. These are they who profess to be the works of God’s hands, but on the contrary, they are the works of their own hands. Every man thinks that this is what God finds as pleasing and acceptable.


Again, take good heed not to walk according to sight, doing those things to be seen of men: the goodness of man; the righteousness of man; the wisdom of man; and the glory and praise of man. It is here that Satan ministers to the beauty of the outward appearance of hypocrisy (play-acting), as though it was the doctrine of God and the garment of godliness. Satan only ministers to the laws, the works, the rules, the appearances, and the efforts of men, all those things that are esteemed in the sight of the ignorant. Those who walk by sight are they who deny the Christ who said, “Without me, you can do nothing to please my heavenly Father. Are you able to understand how Satan uses appearances to deceive the hearts of the children of God, seeing that he is able to transform himself into outward appearance that men not only esteem but also desire to have ? For it is only on the veiled side of the word that men’s judgments, fair speeches, self-righteous works, smooth words, good deeds, religious traditions, the glory of man, and the outward appearances are able to give the illusion that one is godly. But this is only a perception, an illusion whereby the hypocrite is esteemed and honored. This illusion only exists on the veiled side of the word, an illusion where hypocrisy is esteemed as godliness, and the lies of the hypocrite are believed on as the righteous truth.


Do you now understand why the heavenly Father corrected his servant Samuel for using his own judgment to select Eliab as the next king over Israel? Are you now able to also perceive that when the heavenly Father examined the sons of Jesse, he was looking for none of those things that Samuel was looking for? Are you now beginning to see that there is no likeness between the understanding of man and the spiritual understanding that is given from above? Do you see now understand that when use their own understanding to judge, then it is men who are judged, but when men receive the spiritual understanding that comes only from above, then it is spirits that are judged? Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah who is the spiritual understanding, that spiritual wisdom, and that revelation knowledge of the truth that unveils the word of God to set free all of the children of God from their bondage to the darkness.


On the veiled side of the word, Satan has deceived men into believing that they are their own champions, and that they have no need for God in their daily lives.These are they who when the troubles and worries of this appear, they only rely on "self" to find the solution to their troubles, as well as for their own strength. Though they praise God with their lips and honor him with their mouths, still their hearts are far from him, not even once thinking to their heavenly Father the opportunity to show himself strong and mighty on their behalf. Still, these are they who do not repent of their sins of unbelief, but rather they try to hide their weaknesses and faults behind the cloak of hypocrisy (Jude 5). These are they who play-act, pretending to have control over those situations which they really have no control over; just as the mighty men of Israel appeared to have; that is, until Goliath appeared. This is the power of Satan, the father of all lies, the lies that give off the perception that men are strong and mighty, able through their own sufficiency to be the champions of their own life.


Many who are called by the name of the Lord shall remain on the veiled side of the word, having an affection for those things that are esteemed and exalted by men. These are they who have chosen to believe those things that are seen rather than to seek from above those things that are not seen. These are they who are confident that they are righteous, yet when the Goliath's of this life appear, those events which occur which are common to all men such as illnesses, or worries about tomorrow, or depression, or false accusations, or financial problems, or loneliness, or family problems, or bitterness, or death, or any other temptation that goes beyond their control, they will they are powerless to help themselves, they also will find themselves with the same heart that the mighty men of Israel found when Goliath appeared; hearts filled with fear and dread rather than the peace and a strong confidence in the Lord like that heart which the Lord found in David.


Whose religion will serve them best in time of need; those who’s trust in traditions and doctrines, or those whose trust is in the Lord? Those who walk in their own power or those whose faith is in God, knowing that he is always willing to show his power and himself mighty and strong on behalf of those who call upon him? These are they who the Lord has given rest and freedom from their anxieties, their fears and dreads, from the judgments of other men, from arguments and strife, as well as from all their troubles, cares, and worries. For these are they who dwell on the unveiled side of the word, whose hearts and minds have been freed from all things which work sin and death, and they walk in that abundant life which the Lord Jesus Christ promised to those who would seek and ask for it. Yet, these are also those who do not seemingly appear not to have any strength of themselves; and seeing that they have nothing to boast of themselves, they are not esteemed or praised, but rather lightly regarded by other men.


It is the veiled side of the word that many believe just as the demons believe, that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. It is on the unveiled side of the word that many believe that Jesus shed his blood for their sins. But it is also on this veiled side of the word that many will remain faithless to believe that Jesus is there to perform anything for them; and it was Jesus who said, “Without me, you can do nothing”. Now consider this, did not the apostle Paul also say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Was not Paul a man who the eyes of the Lord found, a man who was willing to let the Lord show himself strong on his behalf? Who unveiled Paul’s eyes to know this? In Paul, the Lord found a heart like David had, the heart of a child; a heart that looked to God to provide, that which is sufficient. The Lord already knew who had a heart from him, for the found in David that which he did not find in any other heart in Israel; a heart that was willing to let God be his champion; a heart that desired to let God show himself mighty and strong. The Lord God found in David a heart that was willing to let God supply for him that which was necessary for the king of Israel to have; a man who loved the Lord his God with all his heart, with all of his mind, and with all of his soul. It was God that David glorified and praised when he slew Goliath; for David knew. God knew that David had a heart that would allow always remain humble before God, allowing for God to rule sovereign over his people Israel. On the unveiled side of the word, you will only find those who have been humbled, who’s hearts have been converted into the heart of a child; a heart that is perfect before the Father in trust, in belief, in love, in loyalty, and in faith because they presented themselves before their heavenly Father, allowing him to create in them this new heart.


The heart of the child sees many Goliath's arise in its paths as it walks through this fallen world of darkness, circumstances and situations that seem impossible to overcome. But the hearts of the humble are neither fearful nor troubled, just as David was neither fearful nor troubled in his heart when he confronted Goliath. The heart of the child is the heart that has chosen for God to be its champion, and it looks no where but from above for its help to come; knowing that the Lord takes great pleasure in fighting for those who only look to him for their sufficiency and strength. There are no adversaries, no circumstances, no enemies, no powers, no fleshy lusts, no situations, or any spirits that God will not arise to overthrow on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards him in humility and faith. These are they who the Lord God will make to be his kings and priests.


So do you now see how those who walked according to the things that are seen, their hearts were paralyzed with fear at the sight of Goliath; the same Goliath that David slew with one small stone because the Lord was with him. Where was the fear and dread in David as he prepared to go out to battle against the champion of the Philistines? If then there had not been one in Israel who had not the heart of a child, looking for the Lord to show himself strong and mighty, then where would the victory have then come from? Did not the child like faith of David keep all of Israel from becoming slaves to the uncircumcised Philistines? Who then is mightier; he who is 8' tall who has the physical strength of Goliath, or he that has the humble heart of faith before the Almighty God? Would not the heavenly Father have sent 144,000 angels to fight on Jesus behalf on the night he was betrayed if it had been necessary?


On the unveiled side of the word is the light of God’s truth, a continual flowing river of the blessings of abundant life; God's power, God’s wisdom, God's help, God’s faithfulness, God’s work, God’s understanding, God’s strength, God’s gifts, God’s peace, and the love of God. All of these blessings come to those who walk on the unveiled side of the word, because these are they who never focus on their own abilities and sufficiency but rather, they believe that all things are possible with God. These are they who put no limitations on the manner that God desires to bless them or on the love that God desires to show them. It is these who dwell on the unveiled side of the word that continually see God do those things which are exceedingly abundant above all that which they are able to think or to ask for. It is these truths that the Lord Jesus unveils that sets men free from all their bondage to the powers of the darkness. Those who remain on the veiled side of the word, they are remain in the darkness, seeing nothing but impossibility when their own strengths and powers are dissolved when they confront the Goliaths that appear in their daily lives.


The heart that is unveiled, it is the heart of those who have seen and know their God. These are they who are strong in faith, believing that the Father is always there for them, to fight all of their battles, to deliver them from all their fears, their unbelief as well as all of their doubts. These are they who have allowed for their Lord to destroy all of the pride that dwelt within them. These have that heart of the child that believes, without wavering, that their Father shall supply all of their lack and provide all of their needs when they ask of him. The heart of his children only desire for their heavenly Father to teach them. The heart of the child knows that they are the object of all of their heavenly Father's affection. The heart of the child is perfect in faith, remaining still while their heavenly Father finishes the work that he has started in him. He who has the heart of the child is he who continually walks and communicates with his heavenly Father, never doubting his Father’s faithfulness and love. Just like David, they who are of such a heart delight in letting their heavenly Father be their Lord and God, knowing that all things will work together because of their love for him.


Now hear Mitt, do you now understand why all of the mighty men of Israel failed miserably when they were confronted by Goliath? Do you now understand why God chose David to be king over his people Israel; a king who had a heart for God, a heart that only had one desire, the desire that only the God of Israel should be the champion of his people? Mitt, who do you desire to be your champion? Who do you cast your cares and troubles on? Whose glory are you seeking for? Who do you desire to explain and teach you? Who do you desire to work in your heart? Is the treasure of your heart he who dwells in heaven, or is the treasure of your heart those things which are seen on the earth? Who is champion today, Mitt. Who do you desire to be your champion tomorrow? It was then that these four angels starting waving goodbye as they, as well as the little white fence began to dis-appear from my sight. “Your heart, Mitt, it is your heart? For it is with your heart that a man believes on the Lord. Prove his love, Mitt. Give him your heart”.


I lay there stunned in amazement at those things that had been spoken to me. I was so overwhelmed in that moment that I did not even try to wake my wife to tell her what I had seen and what I had been told. The unveiled word, I knew that was what John was speaking of when he said in I John 1:1 "That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the "Word of Life". For the life was manifested (unveiled), and we have seen it, and bear witness, and show unto that eternal life, which is with the Father, and we manifested unto us. That which we have seen and heard, we declare unto you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly, our fellowship is with the Father, and with his son Jesus Christ". It is an awesome fellowship when one chooses to let God be the champion of his life; for even this is not man's doings, but the Lord's.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The next morning, as I was writing all those things which had been spoken to me, the Holy Spirit then quickened to me that which Paul said in II Corinthians 10:12 "For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves; for they measuring themselves among themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise and without understanding". The first thing that the Spirit opened my heart to see was that truly, Samuel did not have the gifts of the Spirit avail-unto him; the gifts of spiritual wisdom and understanding. For Samuel did that very thing which Paul said that he dared not to do: compare and measure ourselves and each other amongst ourselves, as Samuel did when he chose Eliab. The second thing that the Spirit of the Lord opened my heart to comprehend was that when a man measures himself against the lives of other men, he is only measuring his own flesh against the flesh of others; those outward characteristics that are seen my men, the very things which deceive a man into believing that he himself is more righteous; or more wise; or more stronger; or more zealous; or more esteemed than others, but only because he is comparing fleshy abilities against fleshy abilities, and not against the spiritual abilities of God; who has the ability to do all things which are impossible for man to do.


Then, while I was meditating on all of these things, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I do not want you to ever measure yourself or compare yourself with those who exalt themselves and boast of themselves, lest you also be tempted to walk in the same illusion of lies. For these are they who walk according to appearances, giving the perception that they have strength, righteousness, and power of them selves. All they who walk in such a manner have deceived themselves, and they have turned from worshipping and serving me, and now worship and serve "self". If you do this thing, then you will make your own self to be an image that also relies on it's own strength, and wisdom, and power. If you allow for these things to take power over you, then you will be compelled to continually prove yourself before other men and you will walk in your own strength. Then when troubles, fears, worries, the cares of this life arise, the Goliath's of this life, you will no longer look for me to be your champion", says the Lord. “I love all of those who desire for me to be their champion and their Lord. Know this also, if any man who dwells on the unveiled side of the word will turn to me, desiring for me to be his champion, then I will hear from heaven, and my eyes will find him, and I will also show myself strong and mighty on his behalf. This is the repentance that I desire”, says the Lord.


Thank you Lord; for since they day, I only have one champion; but I realized that day, that if I was going to let the Lord be my champion, then it was going to be necessary for me to give up any outward appearance of righteousness that I may have walked in, as well as ceasing from performing any of those mighty deeds whereby I myself might have something to boast of or to glory in. But that was just fine with me. For as long as I could boast in the Lord's power, the Lord's wisdom, the works of the Lord, the Lord's strength, and all of the mighty things that he desires to perform for those who have that humble heart of a child, then I am more than willing to live all of eternity being the object of God’s affection through Jesus Christ.


Recently the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am about to gather my church together, all those who have made me their champion; whose hearts are perfect towards me. I will make them my kings and raise them up to my priests; my priesthood of believers who shall walk in the order of Melchisedec. These are they who do nothing but believe on me to do this thing; knowing that it shall not be by the power of their own might, but by my Spirit, which is my power”, says the Lord. “Neither Goliath, nor the shadows of death, nor the gates of hell, nor Satan himself shall prevail against my church, because my church has me for its champion.





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