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Women will never soar as eagles until they become fully submitted to the:

1) Lordship of Jesus --- until He has the liberty to:
a) Rule --- give directives and know they will be followed without question
b) Reign--- be the final decision maker in every situation, assume responsibility for His subjects, protect His territory against invasion.
A monarch has total rule over the land. His throne is the seat of his government... the place of his domain... where he has taken up residence... where he has total control.

What has this to do with eagles? I did a brief study on the habits, values, lifestyle of the bald eagle, our national symbol and also on the golden eagle, my personal favorite.
The eagle does not establish a domain until he completes a time of courtship and has chosen his bride. Once that decision is made, it is a lifetime union. She becomes his:
A) Covenant partner:
1) to share his life with
2) to protect
3) to provide for
4) to produce life with
Now that his life partner selection has been made, they begin the task of building their nest. It may take as long as six weeks to build that nest. It is not a temporary residence... it is used again and again and increases in size with each usage. One nest in British Columbia was 20 feet deep and more than 10 feet across. One 35-year-old nest in Ohio weighed over 4,000 pounds
Once we have come to the knowledge of Jesus and received him as our Savior... trusting his shed blood to remit every sin we have or ever will commit, the "courting" is over. We are committed, and the relationship begins to build, but only at the speed that we are willing to yield to him... join into his plans... allow him to truly influence our lives. At some point, we make yet another decision concerning Christ’s position in our life. We are no longer satisfied just being "saved." We desire some victory in our life and we find that victory can only come as we yield to the control that Jesus desires to have over our lives. This is when we come into the lordship of Christ... Giving him the control… over our minds, our wills and even over our emotions. All that represents who we are. We come into a covenant relationship with him for life.
As the lord of our lives, where does he set up his domain? Is it not within us? We become Christ’s:
A) Covenant partner for life:
1) we share his life
2) he protects us
3) he provides for us
4) he produces life through us
Where that eagle builds his nest, it becomes his domain. He is known to take control of an area around the nest that may cover as much as 20 square miles.
Are we not Christ’s domain... the place he has taken up residency... the temple in which he dwells?
Once the eagle’s nest is completed, the life producing process begins. An eagle never lays more than two eggs and most often only raises one baby to adulthood. The complete process of birthing, feeding, caring, teaching, protecting may take as long as a year before this baby eagle is ready to face life on its own.
While the mother is sitting on the one or two eggs in the nest, the father eagle is protecting his territory - diligently seeking food to provide for the mother, and also being very involved in the life-producing task that they share… to the point of frequently taking her place in the nest.
Sometimes this time of nurturing the young overlaps the next mating season and mating is postponed for another year so that the job of maturing the existing one may be completed. Their emphasis is to complete the job they have before them - before beginning the nurturing of another.
New life cannot successfully be produced in our relationship with Christ until we come into that covenant position of total commitment, submission to his authority, and yielding to his plan for our life.
I see that mother eagle as having "entered into the rest." She is abiding... trusting for protection, trusting for provision by the ruler of "her land". The end result of staying in her position and abiding in her calling, brings forth new life!
Isn’t God doing the same thing within us? He is providing for us; he is protecting us; and He is producing life through us, as we totally yield to his Lordship... His loving rule.
Many are focusing on "building a successful ministry", trying to get souls into the kingdom, making a name for themselves - all with good intentions, but caught up in fleshly works... striving to please God... or afraid of his vengeance.
But God wants us in a quiet place alone with him:
A) to have a time of nurturing
B) to heal us in every area
C) to train us to hear only his voice
D) to consummate our marriage
He says "those that are led by the spirit of God, are the Sons of God." We can’t be led by:
A) our carnal mind
B) our intellect
C) our damaged emotions
D) our past experiences
E) other people’s opinions
For us to become a Son of God, Christ must be the ruler on the throne, in every area of our lives. Our transformation is a work of the Holy Spirit, not something we can cause or earn. But only as a Son of God... will new life come forth from the relationship… life that is nurtured and matured into another full grown Son of God... Not damaged... Not deformed... Not aborted.
We have seen a lot of souls damaged by the current church system... a lot of people truly seeking knowledge, but becoming deformed by false prophets bringing forth a message from their own carnal, religious mind... not led by the spirit of God. And we have seen a lot of lives aborted - people falling away because of all the hypocrisy - filled with pain and confusion.
But God said that the good work He began, He will bring to completion. He is at work mightily within believers today. He is pouring out his spirit as never before.
We are blessed women that we can learn from the eagle... And put our priorities in Divine Order:
A) Choose God over all other idols - however godly they may seem --- religious works, ministry, programs, finance and spend time alone with Him - the creator of this universe - so He can:
1) Court us
2) Nurture us
3) Train us to hear only His voice
Prepare us to enter His rest - the only true preparation for service in His kingdom
Let us, like Christ, be that seed planted in the ground that must die so that new life may come forth. Our death to all that represents us, will give God the total control - enabling Him to bring forth His plan for our lives... that we may soar as eagles. It is in this place of total yielded-ness that He has total reign. Only His plan and His power and His purposes are coming forth – and He receives all the glory.
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